‘Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand’ won the ’24 Hours Nurburgring World Championship’ 3 times in a row.

‘Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand’ won the ’24 Hours Nurburgring World Championship’ 3 times in a row.

“Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand”, the great and highly successful racing team of motorsport. Under the support of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, the grand opening of the season continues to make history. The first Thai team wins the world championship for 3 years in a row, receives the 1st and 2nd place championship trophy in the SP3 model with the Toyota Corolla Altis. GR Sport in the brutal 24h smooth marathon race “ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring” best speed 10.06.794 minutes, a total of 119 laps, with a total distance of over 3,045 km in Nuremberg. germany

Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand fights to the fullest with the prestige of the world champion for 2 years in a row in the legendary brutal program that requires skill, skill, patience, concentration and the cooperation of all racers and team members 24 hours a day. Go through a road known for being tough and difficult. Dangerous, can’t miss a second, enter the field in the Super Production 3 (SP3) model using 2 Toyota Corolla Altis GR Sport cars by car number 119, driven by Suthipong Samitchat, Nattawut Charoensukhawattana, Natthaphong Hothongthong and Manat Kulapalanon and car number 120 driven by Chen Jian Hong, Kan Suphaphong and Naoki Kawamura enter the field around qualifying in Race 1, car number 120 There was a minor accident from another car but was able to fix it and came back to qualify for the 2-3 races. Car No. 119 broke the best lap record. In qualifying race 2, a good time of 9.53.005 minutes / lap, after finishing all 3 qualifying races Car #119 starts in the 1st and car #120 starts in #3.

As soon as the starter lights went off, all the cars rushed onto the track. Speed ​​on a path that winds through the valley. Before returning to speed, put full speed on the track of the course. With a total lap distance of 25.378 km through 73 dangerous bends, amid years of clear skies, dryness of the track, the race continued for 14 hours from afternoon to night and across. In the morning of the next day, car No. 119 was still in the lead, No. 1 and car No. 120 overtook it to be in 2nd place in the model. The last 3 hours of the race began to rain in some parts. of the field causing the track surface to become wet and slippery But every car must do its best under stressful situations, fatigue, but the car must endure, the person must be the best before the car number 120 can come back up to the number 1 leadership position, finishing the race for 24 hours, not disappointing Thai motorsport fans when Both cars, at full speed, entered the checkerboard flag, ending the race in a big way, with car number 120 being driven by Chen Jian Hong, Kan Supaphong and Naoki Kawamura. Won 1st place in the SP3 and 80 over all categories, including 119 laps, best time 10.06.794 Car No. 119, driven by Suthipong Samitchat, Nattawut Charoensukhawattana, Natthaphong Horthongkham and Manat Kulapalanon, took 2nd place, over all 83, a total of 116 laps, the best time of 10.07.451 from the car. Participating in this year’s race, 135 cars, making history of the world champion for 3 years in a row in the SP3 model. With a total running of 3,045 km, ready to bring the 3rd World Championship trophy back to Thailand successfully

Suthipong Samitchat, team director and driver under Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand reveal the feeling “We are all delighted and very happy that the team won the treble as intended. The ‘Nurburgring’ is a difficult course to drive with inclement weather. We drive continuously and do good speed because the air is clear. But when it comes to the last 3 hours, there is a drizzle of rain which makes it necessary to adjust the strategy accordingly. And with the experience we have accumulated, it allows us to bring the car to the finish line to win the championship trophy perfectly and build a reputation for the country again. We will not stop improving in every field this season and will continue to develop the car for the next season of course.”

For Thai motorsport fans Join to follow the success of the only racing team from Thailand, “Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand” in winning the 3rd year world championship in the “ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring” race from the city of Nou. Marburg germany And join in cheering for the biggest speed festival in Thailand with Bangsaen GrandPrix that will be held along Bangsaen Beach. Chonburi Province on 29 June – 3 July It is a combination of the country’s big races, RAAT Thailand Endurance Championship 2022, Thailand Super Series 2022 and TOYOTA Gazoo Racing Motorsport 2022.

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