TOYOTA joins hands with TCD ASIA to present genuine car accessories “MODELLISTA”

Saturday, 04 December 2021, 5:13 PM.

TOYOTA joins hands with TCD ASIA to present genuine car accessories “MODELLISTA”

Distinctive, luxurious, Tokyo Style, Japanese production standards.

Mr. Veerakiat Wattanaviradet, Acting Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, together with Mr. Hirohisa Takashita, President of TCD Asia Company Limited, attended a press conference on cooperation with TCD Asia Company Limited. Offers a set of genuine MODELLISTA car accessories designed under the concept of Tokyo Style with confidence in Japanese production standards. Distinctive with a unique design that is premium, luxurious, different like no other. Reinforcing its leadership in design on December 2, 2021 at the Toyota booth at the 38th Motor Expo.

under a challenging concept to transform the organization into a “Mobility Company” with a commitment to create “Ever-better Cars” to fully respond to the needs of various customers. Inspired by Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. to cooperate with TCD Asia Co., Ltd. to present a set of genuine car accessories MODELLISTA designed under the concept of Tokyo Style and production standards from Japan. Distinguished by the uniqueness of design. Emphasis on luxury, premium, modern, giving a different feeling like no other.

“MODELLISTA” (modellista) is an Italian word meaning “Designer”. It is consistent with the principle of designing something special for the customer. with professionalism in automotive engineering and design which genuine car accessories MODELLISTA was inspired by the city of Tokyo, Japan, one of modern city that adds color to the car and elevate the lifestyle of the occupant to be premium More luxurious under the concept “Sense of Unity” which means design that is perfect in every element. outstanding from every angle with superior design ready to drive the perfect lifestyle together

Mr. Hirohisa Takishita, Chairman of TCD Asia Co., Ltd., said at a press conference to the press that “MODELLISTA is a leading car decoration business from Japan. Founded in 1997 and developed into a manufacturer of auto accessories parts in 2002 with a long experience. and maintain the standard under the design that emphasizes the premium and creativity which is very popular in Japan With a total sales of more than 1 million sets by the idea of ​​developing a set of decorative accessories. Will focus on premium, stylish, modern and luxurious under the standard of design. and Toyota’s production standards

“After studying the Thai market for a long time, We find that there are many customers. pay attention to the car to look more premium, outstanding and unique We are also confident that Thailand is a market with high production quality. So we have plans to expand the base. Product design and development to Thailand which is regarded as the first country outside Japan to be the base of production of genuine car accessories MODELLISTA

In 2021, it has been introduced to the Thai market, totaling 3 models, which are:

• The Camry Modellista has been developed under the concept “BRIGHT ELEGANCE STYLE”, designed according to the original design in Japan to add luxury, premium and uniqueness. take pride in owning

• Fortuner Modellista has been developed under the concept of “SMART ELEGANCE”, helping to enhance the image of the PPV to stand out. cool like no other In particular, Modellista’s signature front spoiler, Floating Wing shape with silver chrome decoration. create an elegant look Create a distinctive identity even from a distance.

• The Corolla Cross Modellista was developed under the concept “ADVANCE URBAN STYLE”, enhancing the image of the popular utility vehicle to be more stylish. Including the unique design of Modellista that still maintains full utility.”

Mr. Hirohisa Takishita further stated that “Genuine Toyota car accessories MODELLISTA ready to give confidence to all customers with a 3-year, 100,000 km quality warranty, which we will strive to develop in design. to provide emotional value with luxury, premium, full of creativity and is unique as well as pay attention to every step of production to provide the highest satisfaction to all Toyota customers.”

On the other hand, Mr. Weerakiat Wattanaweeradet, Acting Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited added that “Under the concept of Toyota that is committed to creativity Better cars or Ever-better Cars to meet the needs of today’s more diverse customers. Therefore, we cooperate with TCD Asia Co., Ltd. to present a set of genuine Toyota accessories, MODELLISTA that have been designed. with production standards from Japan To enhance the unique luxury image for customers who like to decorate their cars. as an additional option and increase satisfaction and response every lifestyle of customers It also helps to enhance the image of Toyota to be premium, luxurious, and modern as well.”

Mr. Weerakiat Wattanaweeradet concluded the press conference that “In the past, when introducing genuine Toyota accessories, MODELLISTA in Toyota cars, has received a good response from customers. and to reward all customers Toyota would like to offer a new purchasing experience for all customers. with the following special campaigns and offers

– Buy Toyota Fortuner standard models, all models Get a free modellista genuine car decoration set worth more than 57,000 baht for customers who buy a car within December 31, 2021

– Choose to buy Camry Modellista genuine car accessories at a price of 41,000 baht, or pay an additional 765 baht per month* by paying with the monthly installments.

*(Additional installment price calculated from normal hire purchase program, 20% down payment, 60 month term)

– Choose to buy a Corolla Cross, a special model, Modellista, only HEV Premium Safety, priced at 1,240,500 baht, or HEV Premium, priced at 1,130,500, in limited quantities of only 250 units.

In addition, we have a plan to cooperate with TCD Asia Co., Ltd. to develop MODELLISTA genuine car accessories to meet customer demands for other car models in the future.” Touch and reserve to be the owner of MODELLISTA car accessories in Fortune cars. Nur Camry and Corolla Cross at the 38th Motor Expo and Toyota showrooms across the country.


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