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Track ice making is highly praised, Winter Olympics snowmobile sled venue completes its first international show_Slide

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Original title: Track ice making is highly praised, Winter Olympics snowmobile sled venue completes its first international show

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 26 (Reporters Zhang Xiao, Ma Bangjie, Li Chunyu) As the last female four-person snowmobile rushed across the line, “Meet in Beijing” 2021/2022 snowmobile and steel frame snowmobile time trial on the 26th The National Snowmobile Center ends. During the competition, foreign athletes spoke highly of the track ice-making work, which greatly encouraged the ice-making team who maintained a working intensity of 20 hours a day.

Li Changzhou, deputy director of logistics at the National Snowmobile Center, told reporters during the video connection that the quality of the ice surface of the snowmobile track is very important, which not only affects the fairness and performance of the competition, but also concerns the personal safety of the athletes when skating at high speed.

“Different from the plane ice making of indoor ice stadiums, the snowmobile sled track is winding like a’dragon’. The ice surface is uneven and has different angles. The ice maker even has to make ice on the facade wall. The ice surface is both It must be smooth and smooth, and moderate in hardness. Because the ice surface is in the’semi-outdoor’ condition and the air humidity is high, the ice maker needs to defrost quickly to ensure the speed of sliding.” Li Changzhou said, dust falling on the ice surface cannot be cleaned casually. , Must be rinsed carefully with a high-pressure water gun.

The time trial lasted for two days. A total of 240 foreign athletes participated in the race, and the 6 sub-sports champions of the snowmobile and steel framed snowmobile were decided. The sliding was very intensive and the schedule was tight. Since high-frequency sliding is easy to damage the ice surface, once the tower announces “Slide is over”, the ice maker must fight every second to enter the track for maintenance.

Li Changzhou said that the current national snowmobile sled center ice maker team consists of 16 international ice makers and 20 Chinese ice makers. The level of international ice makers is first-rate; Chinese ice makers are carefully selected, requiring excellent physical fitness, strong individual work ability, and good at observing and responding to changes. The most important thing is to have a strong sense of responsibility.

“At present, Chinese and foreign ice makers cooperate very well, and the relationship is as close as family. In recent years, the profession of Chinese ice makers has been’made from scratch’. The team members have undergone high-intensity training in a short period of time, and the work level is very close. International ice makers, the working standards of some key points are not inferior.” Li Changzhou said.

German star Tina Hermann has won the women’s steel-framed snowmobile World Championships and World Cup sub-station championships many times, and has a wealth of experience in skating. After winning the women’s steel-framed snowmobile event in this time trial, she said: “This snowmobile sled track in Yanqing is very smooth, it can slide out of speed and is also very safe. The track is still very challenging, good. After I successfully passed the No. 5, No. 6 and No. 9 corners.” German champions Alexander Gassner, Lau Noelting and other champions believe that the track is very beautiful and will stimulate the state of exercise. The Chinese friends in the stadium are very friendly.

Sun Yue, the operation director of Shanghai Baoye National Snowmobile and Sled Center, told reporters that the ice makers were greatly encouraged by these praises. From the start of the International Training Week on October 5th to the end of the time trial on October 26th, the ice-making team maintained a 20-hour daily work intensity in shifts. No matter how late the athletes finish sliding, the ice-making team will have to work for another two hours to complete the track maintenance before returning to rest. “Although the process is hard, all the efforts are worth it.”

The 26th coincided with the 100-day countdown to the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics. After completing the test of the snowmobile and steel framed snowmobile for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the National Snowmobile and Sled Center will welcome the snowmobile test next month. Li Changzhou said that the ice-making team is full of confidence and confidence, and will meet the final test of the Beijing Winter Olympics in a better state. (over)Return to Sohu to see more


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