Track Phenom Matthew Boling accepts the University of Georgia Football Relay

Track Phenom Matthew Boling accepts the University of Georgia Football Relay
  • University of Georgia football players took their coaches in a 4×100 meter relay challenge, such as a video launched by staff on Twitter Monday.
  • Kirby Smart, Georgia's premier coach, took on his sleeve, bringing UGA's new lead Matthew Boling as an anchor to the coaches' team.
  • Boling crossed the line first, and added another suggestion on his list.

    In the final days before the 2019 college football season begins, players and coaches are keen to be free from practice drills and to face stiff competition on a match day.

    To break his team out of the air conditioning lump in August, Kirby Smart, head coach of the University of Georgia, challenged his team with fun vs. coaches.

    “Who wants to do 4×100 compared to doing the coaches instead of doing this?” Smart asks in a video sent to Twitter on Monday the football teams in Georgia.

    With the Bulldogs team playing with three comfortable seconds, Smart brought back a backup back to the team of coaches – a brand new UGA track, Matthew Boling.

    Like how he ran down competitors from anywhere, Boling was able to trace Richard LeCounte, a junior defense reserve back into the town. To make the closed sequence even better, Boling had enough time to say he had taken LeCounte.

    [Baindospriocannalea[Smashyourgoalswitha[Baindospriocannalea[SmashyourgoalswithaRunner Global Training Plan, designed for any speed and no distance.

    Although the players lost, a dog pile after Boling had been present on the Athens campus.

    Running fans should not be surprised that Boling crossed the finished line first. 2019 was already amazing, with many renowned as a senior sprinter in Texas: Biking Run 9.98 seconds to set the national high-school record, he played two relay teams that broke global records about 20, and even named them with for ESPY.

    Start the debate on whether Boling should think of being a two-sport star, like Usain Bolt tried his hand at a professional soccer. But as a lot of people said on social media after watching the video, one thing is sure in this case:> track football.

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