Traditional Thai medicine slams MPs for the People’s Democratic Party, insulting local wisdom If you are concerned, you must pass the Marijuana Act.

Director General of traditional Thai medicine scolds MPs for People’s Democratic Party insulting local wisdom If concerned, the Marijuana Act must be passed Examine the whole system

From the case of MPs from the Democratic Party, the press release “Medical Cannabis Anuthin Plan”, which identifies 5 differences that are subverted from international standards in medical marijuana policy. and talk about the Director General of the Department of Traditional Thai Medicine Visit the Khao San Road area find recreational use By accepting that the publication of the herb controls the cannabis inflorescence. It does not include organized areas for smoking marijuana outside the store. with the question of declaring that controlled herbs are rare and extinct plants But there is no intention to control plants that contain addictive substances such as marijuana.

On 1 December 2022 Dr Thongchai Lertvilairattanapong Director General of the Department of Traditional and Alternative Thai Medicine he said he would like to use the right to refer to himself and provide information that misleads the public I would like to clarify the first point, that marijuana is useful. but it must be governed by the law understand that everyone agrees Why not take it back as a drug or not? Let me explain that marijuana has a long history. Thai wisdom about marijuana has been recorded since the reign of King Narai. There is a recipe for medicine that has been used throughout time. We have an opportunity to take advantage.

Thongchai Dr Keep saying that point 2 while there is no law. I want members of the House of Representatives to jointly consider the marijuana law that comes into effect. If there are any comments, the process can be implemented in the council. Use the democratic process to move forward here. not wanting to attack As a law abiding civil servant according to the process involved

Thongchai Dr He said today that no big law is coming out. If you want to use only one version, legalize marijuana. If there is something of concern, go out in the council. what is not their duty His task is to enforce existing laws.

Thongchai Dr He continued to ask why the law of Protection and Promotion of Traditional Thai Medicine Wisdom Act was applied. Here we have a committee and a sub-committee on legal matters. There are experts in the law from many ministries. The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Department of Intellectual Property including the decree He came in as Director General for about 2 months and held at least 3 meetings before issuing the announcement.

Thongchai Dr He further stated that Section 44 stipulates that, in order to protect herbs, the Minister, with the recommendation of the Committee, has the power to issue proclamations prescribing types, characteristics, types and names of herbs. valuable for economically important research studies May be obsolete, and up to 3 of them can be specified. And he can determine only the part of saying that he determines the nature, type and name of the herb

“In the Herbs Act, it doesn’t just mean plants. but also animals therefore decide to manage only the inflorescences Because managing the tree would be a burden on the people to ask for permission. And the academic data is clear. The inflorescences are high in THC, but other parts such as branches, roots and leaves are not high in THC, for example, the leaves contain CBD, causing the psychotropic effect of THC to decrease.”

Thongchai Dr Continue to say that the part that states that the villagers do not know the use of marijuana There are poisons in medicine. This may be an insult to the wisdom of the nation. Most recently, he went to Non Sa-at District, Udon Thani Province. Community enterprises that grow marijuana in greenhouses have also learned to improve cultivation from the soil into pots. I believe it will keep getting better. Making products, steeping in honey, making tea, making balms, mixing in food. Make salted eggs with cannabis believe these stories are found all over the country I do not believe the Honorable Members do not know.

In this regard, the Department of Traditional Thai Medicine brought wisdom to make medicine until it pushed into the main national account for 10 items, 6 of which are traditional Thai items, such as the Soothing Happiness Recipe. Doctor Decha cannabis oil Used with 119,021 patients, most of them for insomnia and pain. Destroying Phra Sumeru Pain relief, ordered 9,505 cases, cannabis oil produced from roots, stems, branches, leaves, flowers mixed together, used 3,000 cases, and recipes for treating hemorrhoids, relieving wind, reducing skin symptoms With regard to the Pharmaceutical Institute’s current plans, 4 items also bring information of wisdom as well.

“If following the science of modern medicine, 10 years would still not be successful. Today we use the wisdom we have. The important thing is safety. When this is the case, it translates to the pharmaceutical industry. There are 4 items that can be given to hospitals, namely a one-to-one THC CBD formula, a THC only formula and a CDB only formula. We guarantee 100% that the production is controlled. A community initiative through learning and self-development There is a soil health check to show that there are no heavy metals. If the area has metal, it is adapted for planting in pots. That is the wisdom that the villagers can do. Flower bouquets bought by hundreds of community enterprises across the country are tested for contamination before being used for drug production. Produced and inspected again I would like to confirm and guarantee to the public that it is free of contaminants.”

Thongchai Dr He went on to say that saying it was contaminated was too accusatory. Because we do it in a standardized and certified way. We cannot take drugs that are not in the standard. Not in the list of mainstream medicines that can be used with the public In it the accounts have a competent committee to consider The FDA must verify that it is from a standard source. Talking like this does Thailand no credit in the whole system.

When asked about the case of the rural medical club, he said that despite the announcement of controlled herbs Online advertising and sales are prohibited. But there are still many disobedient people. Thongchai Dr Said that selling online is one of the prohibited acts in the announcement, which will be an offence. We are preparing to coordinate with the Ministry of Economy and Digital Society and the police. There will be a meeting on 7 December to recognize common practices. because the police or other agencies may not be able to see if it is a bouquet of marijuana or not. Therefore, it is necessary to have Department staff to help confirm the laboratory results or they can confirm it. Then report to the police to take legal action.

Thongchai Dr He said the information posted by the rural medical club is old information We have already checked The part with the Khon Kaen University logo on it was used to advertise the sale of marijuana bouquets. KKU has clarified that this is not the poster. Today we are working on this. If people see the information, they can send it to the Department of Traditional Thai Medicine or the Sor Sor Sor for the officers to investigate. If found guilty the police will take legal action.

Thongchai Dr In other words, usually any legislation The first step that comes into force will be to explain to the public what can and cannot be done. as he entered the Khao San Road area and found that some shops had advertised signs I told him to take him out. Will it be in the form of a warning, license suspension But if you don’t stop doing it, you will have to confiscate the license. Then refrain from giving that person a license for 2 years, confirming that the legalization of marijuana, which is the Marijuana Act, is necessary in order not to have to use multiple laws. and for the staff to operate smoothly

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