Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks LeBron James, Lakers produces the home win

Atlanta Hawks played a Saturday night game between losing streak through a game and, to put it sharply, the team did not work at a high level in any of the peaks. On the same, LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers came out for one and only visit the Farm State Arena this season and, in the first Atlanta game, without Jeremy Lin, the Hawks came as significant supports. 48 minutes later, however, the home team came up with a score of 117-113.

The Lakers ruled the speed soon, using a 7-0 run to take 14-8 lead. However, the Atlantic offense was just heating up and things started by clicking in short order.

Trae Young started slowly trying for his first four shots but the royal guard took four in the first seven minutes and started pulling his own play.

The eight-point Hawks scored 55 seconds, including five from Young, to take 24-23 lead and, later in the period, Atlanta ran more prominent. The home team wins away from three when scoring 11 points straight and, when the dust was settled, the Hawks were in control of 38-28.

The Lakers hit the last four points in the quarter but the story was Atlanta's long-term shooting. Four players held two or more bands and, as a team, Hawks joined a franchise record with 10 (!) Threes in the first 12 minutes.

As you can imagine, the second quarter was not so impressive, but Kent Bazemore made a fun of the defense defense worthwhile.

The Lakers run, however, scoring eight straight points within the 43-42 edge and then heading themselves. Atlanta (anticipated) shot shot with a 0-on-6 marker in the second quarter mark and, after the ball was held only in the first quarter, the Hawks made nine expensive statements second.

It should be noted that there were bright spots, including young young wizardry, who finished the first half with eight help.

Still, the Halls were in a hole four points after the third quarter opened and Lloyd Pierce was not able to have a great deal after his team led double figures in the open frame. On the bright side, things started favorably in the third quarter, with a 7-0 run to bring the lead and motivation point from Young and Kevin Huerter to Atlanta.

The Lakers defeated and, in general, the third quarter was a feature back. However, it was pleasing to showcase and Omari Spellman came into action with a dunk.

The Hawks headed five points in the fourth quarter, with the help of a backdrop from Young and Bazemore at the same time third. Atlanta quickly won that advantage with eight points within the first three minutes, with the help of a youngster who was playing with James for a couple of half in court.

The home team lasted three minutes without Young on the floor, and had nine points and the act was generally controlled. By 3:19, the seven points were led by seven points at a time and were in a favorable condition, based partly on the inability of the Lakers to score the point in the closing period.

There were many fireworks, however, as the Lakers cut the margin to four to play 2:14. From that time, Prince Taurean was tied on three and, after a dunk from James, was able to lay down to play the Hawks at seven to play at 1:28.

The rookie lost a free throw (after the eyes were drawn) but Atlanta quoted the quotes and Young was having a chance. He only dropped after an empty ride from the Lakers, the final result was just safe. Eventually, the Hawks put the game away to win four points, and it's definitely been an experience of how many Los Angeles has allowed Atlanta to steal it back.

Young was the Atlanta engine this night, finishing 22 points, 14 help and six re-dreams in 38 minutes. There were 22 miles of Collins's supporters, and Vince Carter (11 points) and Alex Len (11 points) came together to produce strong results.

The Hawks will actively return Thursday against New York Knicks in the final game of the team before the All-Star break. Wait tuned.

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