Tragedy at Siam Paragon: Mourners call for justice and forgiveness for slain Myanmar workers

Parents of Deceased Myanmar Workers Absent at Funeral While Friends Seek Forgiveness

It is a heartbreaking scene as the parents of the children attending the funeral of the Myanmar workers remain distant. Friends, on the other hand, approach the grieving families, asking for forgiveness. The sorrowful display reflects the tragic events that unfolded on October 5 at the Siam Paragon department store, where a 14-year-old boy initiated a shooting incident that left casualties in its wake. Among those who tragically lost their lives were Ms. Zhao Jinnan, a Chinese citizen, and Ms. Tawan, a citizen of Myanmar.

Local reporters recently visited the Wat Phasukmanee Chak in the Pak Kret District of Nonthaburi Province, where the funeral prayers for Ms. Tawan were held. Many of her colleagues from the company in which she worked attended the solemn gathering. The atmosphere was heavy with grief and sorrow.

Company Pledges Support

The owner of the company provided a brief statement to the reporters, confirming that the company will appoint a lawyer to pursue legal action against the offender’s family following the conclusion of Ms. Tawan’s funeral. Furthermore, the owner expressed their commitment to provide a monthly salary of 10,000 baht indefinitely as a gesture of sympathy towards Ms. Tawan’s family. The deceased worker was the sole breadwinner supporting her sick mother, beset by numerous debilitating illnesses. The company acknowledges the devastating loss suffered by the family, as their main source of support has tragically been taken away.

Grieving Co-workers Seek Closure

Colleagues who mourn the loss of their fellow workers express deep sorrow and a lingering sense of unpreparedness for the sudden tragedy. What adds to their anguish is the absence of the offender’s family at the funeral or any attempts to apologize or express remorse. They yearn for the presence of the parents of the responsible child, urging them to ask for forgiveness for the grave harm inflicted. Such a compassionate act would provide some solace amid the somber affair.

A Treasured Employee

Remembered fondly by her colleagues, Ms. Tawan was described as a kind-hearted individual always willing to lend a helping hand. Her role as a caretaker at the front of the shop involved diligently serving customers. Thanks to her fluency in multiple languages – Chinese, English, Thai, and Burmese – she was entrusted with attending to the needs of the diverse foreign clientele at Paragon Department Store. The company laments the loss of such a valuable employee and continues to grapple with the profound sadness that fills the workplace in the aftermath of the tragedy.

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There is no shade from the ‘parents’ of children who attend the funeral of ‘Myanmar workers’. Very sad, friends beat them and asked for forgiveness. It is good.

On October 5, there was an update: a 14-year-old boy caused a shooting incident at the Siam Paragon department store. Until someone gets hurt and dies. Two of those who died were Ms. Zhao Jinnan, a Chinese citizen, and Ms. Tawan, a citizen of Myanmar.

Recently, reporters went to the area Discovered Wat Phasukmanee Chak, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province, which is the place where Ms funeral prayers were held. Tawan, that many colleagues in the company where Ms. Tawan working joined to listen to the prayers. The atmosphere was one of sadness.

Miss Good The company owner told reporters briefly that he would appoint the company’s lawyer after Ms funeral. Tawan come to an end. Continue to file a lawsuit to pursue compensation for the damage caused to the offender’s family. For his part, he confirmed once again that he will pay a monthly salary of 10,000 baht to Ms Tawan’s family forever. Out of sympathy to the family of Ms. Tawan, who was the only girl who came to work alone to send money back to her mother who was sick with many debilitating illnesses. He sympathizes with the family having to lose their main pillar.

Miss May Co-workers who died said everyone is still sad because it was so sudden. Nobody was ready yet. Furthermore, he has yet to see the criminal’s family travel to attend the funeral or apologize or express any remorse. He wanted the parents of this child to come and ask forgiveness for the body. It’s still good to express some sympathy.

Miss June He said P’Tawan is a lovely person who likes to help others. It is not harmful to anyone. He acts as a caretaker at the front of the shop, looking after customers. Because he can speak several languages, Chinese, English, Thai, and Burmese, and can communicate well, he was assigned to take care of customers at Paragon Department Store, which has many foreign customers. For this incident, the company is considered to have lost good personnel. At the moment, many of the company’s employees are still discouraged and saddened by the loss that has occurred.

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