Tragedy of Dassa-Zoumé. Baobab Express did not tell the whole truth, the company in difficulty for 2 years.

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Tragedy in Dassa Zoumé: The transport company conceals the causes of the accident

The Dassa Zoumé accident, which claimed the lives of 22 people, shocked the whole country. The bereaved families are looking for answers, but the transport company in charge of the bus involved in the accident seems not to have given the exact causes of the tragedy.

According to witnesses on the spot, there was a puncture in the bus, which confused the driver and caused the accident. However, in its press release, the company did not mention this potential cause and seems ready to cast doubt on the true origin of the tragedy. In addition, the company has been experiencing internal problems for 2 years, following the dismissal of the former director for allegations of financial malfeasance. It is therefore legitimate to ask questions about passenger safety conditions and maintenance of the company’s fleet.

Baobab Express at the Dassa-Zoumè police station


The authorities must quickly investigate the real causes of the accident and provide answers to the bereaved families. Witnesses to the accident should be interviewed in order to establish a clear and objective version of events. In addition, regular inspections and safety checks of public transport vehicles should be strengthened to ensure passenger safety.

3 days after the tragedy, thehe Director General of the transport company Baobab Express, Paguiel Shalom HOUEMAVO, as well as several of his collaborators, were arrested and placed in police custody at the Dassa police station. Although the reasons demanded for their arrest are still unclear, some believe that it is due to their security.

The tragic accident involving a Baobab Express bus and a truck resulted in the death of 22 people and left many seriously injured. The injured have been in treatment since last Sunday night. The transport company must be transparent in its statements and cooperate with the authorities to determine the causes of the accident. This will provide answers to bereaved families and ensure that such tragedies do not happen again in the future.

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