Tragedy Strikes Another Elementary School Teacher: Investigation Underway in Gunsan

Tragic Death of Elementary School Teacher Under Investigation in Gunsan

Police Conduct Forensic Investigation Following Discovery of Suicide Note

Gunsan, North Jeolla Province – Authorities are grappling to uncover the circumstances surrounding the untimely death of an elementary school teacher, whose lifeless body was found in the sea below the Dongbaek Bridge.

According to police reports, on September 2nd, the Gunsan Maritime Police Station recovered the remains of teacher A, who had taken his own life on the previous day at 10:23 am by jumping off the Dongbaek Bridge in Geum-dong, Gunsan-si. The police had received a distress call on August 31st reporting a vehicle with emergency lights on the bridge. Teacher A’s mobile phone was discovered in the car, with a farewell message written on the background blaming himself for his tragic choice. While the police suspect suicide, they are currently conducting mobile phone forensics to uncover further details about the incident.

A Coast Guard officer stated, “To determine the exact cause of death, we have requested digital forensics on the teacher’s mobile phone.” The police intend to investigate the teacher’s personal history, including any potential instances of abuse of power, discrimination, or malicious complaints throughout his career. These recent incidents have drawn heightened attention to the issue.

In response to the tragedy, the Jeonbuk branch of the National Union of Teachers and Education Workers, along with the Jeonbuk Federation of Teachers’ Organizations, released a statement demanding a thorough investigation. They implored the education authorities and investigating agencies to uncover the truth surrounding the events leading up to the teacher’s suicide.

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Another elementary school teacher’s tragedy in Gunsan
A note left on the background of the phone
Police “Forensic Investigation Proceeding”

Photo = Getty Image Bank Police and education authorities are struggling to find out the background to the death of an elementary school teacher who was found dead in the sea below the Dongbaek Bridge in Gunsan, North Jeolla Province.

According to the police, on the 2nd, the Gunsan Maritime Police Station found the body of teacher A, who died at 10:23 the previous day by making an extreme choice on the Dongbaek Bridge in Geum-dong, Gunsan-si. It is approximately 26 hours since receiving a report on the 31st of last month that “a car with emergency lights on on the bridge”. A’s mobile phone was found in the car. It is known that a suicide note was written on the background of the phone to say goodbye to his family while blaming himself. Although the police assume that Mr A made an extreme choice on the bridge, they are carrying out mobile phone forensics to confirm the exact background of the death.

A Coast Guard officer said, “We requested digital forensics on the mobile phone to investigate the exact cause of death.” Police plan to investigate personal history and whether they have suffered abuse of power, discrimination, and malicious complaints during their career as a teacher, which has heightened interest in recent accidents.

The Jeonbuk branch of the National Union of Teachers and Education Workers and the Jeonbuk Federation of Teachers’ Organizations issued a statement the previous day demanding, “We urge the education authorities and the investigating authorities to clarify the truth about what happened until the teacher commits suicide.” ※ If you have difficulties that are difficult to talk about, such as depression, or if you have family or acquaintances who experience these difficulties, call the suicide prevention helpline ☎ 1393, mental health helpline ☎1577 0199, line hope help ☎ 129, life helpline ☎ 1588 9191, youth helpline ☎ 1388, Youth Mobile Counseling You can receive expert counseling 24 hours a day through the app ‘Dog That Will Listen’, KakaoTalk, etc.

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