Tragic Accident: Two-Year-Old Girl Falls into Well and Dies

Tragic Accident: Toddler’s Demise after Falling into Well Sends Shockwaves

Chalakudy, Kerala:

In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded on Friday afternoon, a harrowing accident claimed the life of a two-year-old girl who accidentally fell into a well situated near the shed where non-state workers reside. The victim, identified as Ananya, was the beloved daughter of Chandradev and Anu, natives of Jharkhand.

Authorities reported that the unfortunate mishap occurred within the premises of Ganga Tile Factory in the serene neighborhood of Kotatulla at around 3 pm. The distraught parents, who are employed as workers at the tile company, were absent from their duties on this fateful day.

According to the preliminary investigation conducted by the local police, it is believed that the child unknowingly fell into the water-filled pit while innocently playing outside during a moment of respite from his usual activities at home. As soon as the horrifying incident came to light, immediate efforts were made to bring the toddler to Taluk Hospital. Sadly, by the time medical assistance arrived, the child had already breathed her last.

The pit into which the little girl fell was approximately four feet deep and had been dug earlier for some unknown purpose. It was during the frantic search for Ananya that her concerned parents discovered her lifeless body submerged in the pool of water. The authorities wasted no time and promptly transferred the deceased child to the Mortuary at Taluk Hospital.

Chalakudy police swiftly arrived at the scene and proceeded with the necessary course of action. The investigation into the devastating incident is still ongoing as authorities endeavor to thoroughly understand the circumstances surrounding this tragic loss of life.

Summary (English):

In a heartbreaking tragedy, a two-year-old girl met an untimely demise after accidentally falling into a well. The incident occurred near the residence of non-state workers, employed at Ganga Tile Factory in Kotatulla, Chalakudy. Local authorities are currently investigating the heart-wrenching occurrence in order to shed light on the unfortunate chain of events.

Chalakudy ∙ A two-year-old girl fell into a well near the shed where non-state workers live. Ananya, daughter of Chandradev and Anu, natives of Jharkhand, died. The incident took place in the premises of Ganga Tile Factory in Kotatulla on Friday around 3 pm.

Tile company workers Chandradev and Anu did not go to work today. The police concluded that the child may have accidentally fallen into the pool when he went out to play while he was resting at home. He was immediately rushed to Taluk Hospital but was declared brought dead by then.

The child fell into a 4 feet deep pit that had been dug earlier. The pool was full of water. The child was found in the pool when the father and mother did not see the child. The body is at Taluk Hospital Mortuary. Chalakudy police reached and took further action.

English summary: A tragic accident as a 2-year-old girl fell into the water well and died

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