Tragic Family Death in Rural Village: Autopsy Suggests Murder-Suicide

Investigation Underway in Family Death Incident in Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do

On the morning of the 16th, an investigation is currently being conducted at the scene of a tragic incident where five members of a family were found dead in their house in Yeongam-eup, Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do (provided photo). The incident has left the community in shock and has raised numerous questions surrounding the circumstances leading to the family’s demise.

According to the preliminary findings from the autopsy, it is believed that the head of the family, a man in his 50s, is responsible for the deaths of his wife and three sons before taking his own life. The exact cause of death for Mr. Kim, the family’s patriarch, has been determined as poisoning, while Mrs. Kim (56) and their three sons in their 20s are suspected to have died from gunshot wounds.

The police discovered the presence of pesticides at the scene and are currently conducting toxicology tests to determine if Mr. Kim had ingested them. The absence of any third party traces on the weapon found alongside the pesticide, as well as the locked door and lack of evidence pointing to external intrusion, suggest the possibility that Mr. Kim was the perpetrator. However, the authorities are rigorously investigating all facts and considering multiple angles to ensure a thorough examination of the case.

It has been revealed that Mr. Kim was under investigation by the police for alleged sexual offenses against women in the village. Additionally, all three of the couple’s sons suffered from severe disabilities related to autism and physical retardation.

The tragic event came to light when a concerned neighbor noticed bloodstains on the window of the house and promptly informed emergency services. Responding promptly to the call, the police, along with fire and emergency services, made the heartbreaking discovery of the deceased family members within the residence. The bodies exhibited signs of significant blood loss, and a weapon was recovered from the scene.

The three sons were found in the master bedroom, while Mr. and Mrs. Kim were discovered in a small room adjacent to the kitchen. These distressing details paint a somber picture of the tragedy that unfolded within this family home.

The investigation into this heartbreaking incident is ongoing as authorities strive to uncover further evidence and ascertain the exact sequence of events leading up to the family’s untimely demise. Our thoughts and condolences go out to all those affected by this devastating loss.

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Zoom photo On the morning of the 16th, an investigation is being conducted at the scene of a family death incident in a house in Yeongam-eup, Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do.[사진 제공 = 연합뉴스]

In relation to the incident where five members of a family died in a rural village in Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do, autopsy results showed that the head of the family in his 50s is presumed to have killed his wife and three sons, and that he he himself has made an extreme choice.

On the 16th, Jeonnam Police Agency and Yeongam Police Station, which are investigating this case, received oral findings from the first autopsy showing that the cause of death of Mr. Kim (59), head of a family of five, is presumed. to be poisoning.

Mr Kim’s wife (56) and three sons in their 20s were presumed dead from gunshot wounds.

The police found pesticide at the scene of the incident, and they will confirm through a toxicology test whether Mr Kim had ingested the pesticide.

No third party traces were found on the weapon which was found along with the pesticide. The door was locked and there was no evidence of outside intrusion.

Based on this, the police are continuing to investigate the facts, weighing up the possibility that Mr Kim murdered four members of his family and poisoned himself.

Mr Kim was facing a police investigation on suspicion of sexual offenses against the village women. All three sons suffered from severe disabilities due to autism and physical retardation.

Their deaths were confirmed by a 112 call from a neighbor who discovered blood stains on the window of the house at 3:54 pm the day before.

The police responded along with the fire and emergency services and found the bodies of a total of five people, including Mr Kim, his wife, and three sons, inside the house.

The bodies of the family members were bleeding profusely, and a weapon was found at the scene.

The three sons were found in the main bedroom, and Mr. and Mrs. Kim in a small room with a kitchen.

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