Tragic Funeral Ceremony of Pol.Lt.Col.Siwakorn Saibua Raises Questions and Concerns

“Pol.Lt.Col. Siwakorn Saibua’s Funeral: Reflections on a Dedicated Officer”

Somber Atmosphere and Support for the Family

Sadness enveloped Wat Phra Si Mahathat as family, relatives, supervisors, and fellow police officers gathered to bid farewell to Pol.Lt.Col.Siwakorn Saibua. The Deputy Police Commissioner, in a heartfelt statement, assured that the police unit would provide assistance to the grieving family. The case, involving influential individuals, has prompted the police to exercise utmost diligence in investigating the incident.

A Farewell Ceremony Fit for a Respected Officer

Pavilion 11 at Wat Phra Si Mahathat became the solemn venue for the cremation ceremony of Pol.Lt.Col.Siwakorn Saibua. The atmosphere was heavy with grief as relatives appealed to the media to respect their privacy and refrain from taking photographs during the ceremony.

Detailed Schedule of Funeral Rites

  • 4:00 pm – Funeral watering ceremony
  • 6:00 pm – Royal bathing ceremony
  • 6:30 pm onwards until September 10 – Funeral prayer
  • 1:00 pm on September 11 – Cremation ceremony

A Boss Fondly Remembered

Lieutenant Colonel Thanaroj Ratanasirisunsin, head of the 1st Division of the Royal Thai Police, KG, paid tribute to Pol.Lt.Col.Siwakorn, lauding his exemplary leadership and genuine concern for his subordinates. His untimely demise shocked and saddened those who knew him. The attendees conveyed their condolences and offered prayers for Pol.Lt.Col.Siwakorn’s eternal peace.

Royal Ceremony Signifies Dignity and Support

The Royal Household Office officials conducted a ceremonial bathing of the body at Pavilion 11, Wat Phra Sri Mahathat. The revered Pol Maj Gen.Suwat Saengnom, deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, presided over the sacred ceremony, symbolizing the highest respect for the departed officer.

The Search for Justice

Maj Gen.Suwat Saengnom disclosed that the police would extend comprehensive assistance to Pol.Lt.Col.Siwakorn’s family, ensuring they receive their entitled rights. As they investigate the case, the police are mindful of its complexity due to the involvement of influential figures. Therefore, meticulous procedures are being followed, including questioning the attending police officers to ascertain their reasons for being present during the incident.

Unanswered Questions Amidst the Tragedy

Addressing concerns about the lack of immediate action by the large number of police officers present during the incident, Maj Gen.Suwat Saengnom emphasized that all relevant details are under investigation. Prosecution, if warranted, will be based on concrete evidence presented in court.

A Legacy of Courage and Dedication

Mrs.Pimnara Supacharatpat, the older sister, shared heartfelt memories of Pol.Maj.Siwakorn’s resilience and commitment to his police service. He was a dedicated officer who never sought personal gain through the system. Mrs.Pimnara expressed her family’s pride in his honorable police career and called for the perpetrators to face the consequences dictated by the law.

A Call for Justice and Fair Treatment

In the quest for justice, Mrs.Pimnara emphasized the importance of karma and due legal process. She expressed gratitude for those supporting her family, but also recognized the potential repercussions of playing favorites within the police force.

This tragic incident not only highlights the loss of a respected officer but also brings into focus the need for a fair and just society. As details of the case continue to unfold, the nation awaits answers and reassurance that justice will prevail.

Sad. “Wor.TL” body irrigation atmosphere in Wat Phra Si has family, relatives, supervisors. And many fellow police officers were present at the event, while the “Deputy Police Commissioner” revealed that the unit would consider helping the family of “Pol.Lt. Col. Siwakorn” ready to hand over the case to him himself because it includes influential people ready to call the police in every incident to investigate and he said that the police in the incident did not detain the perpetrators

At 4:00 pm on September 7, 2023 at Pavilion 11, Wat Phra Si Mahathat There was a cremation ceremony for Pol.Lt.Col.Siwakorn Saibua, Pol.Lt.Sor.Lor.1 kg. The atmosphere was full of sadness. Relatives asked for cooperation with the media. Do not take photos during the ceremony.

For the work schedule on the first day is There is a funeral watering ceremony at 4:00 pm and a royal bathing ceremony at 6:00 pm The funeral prayer is scheduled between 6:30 pm and September 10, and the cremation ceremony scheduled for 1:00 pm On 11 September.

Lieutenant Colonel Thanaroj Ratanasirisunsin, head of the 1st Division of the Royal Thai Police, KG, said that Senator Siwakorn is a boss who takes good care of his subordinates. always taking care of solving problems for everyone He is an honest person with a good work record throughout, believing that Pol does not have. Maj Siwakon enemies nowhere. I don’t think anyone is malicious. because of the past Never complained about anything, he worked with Pol Lt. Col. Siwakorn for more than 4 months, last meeting on August 30th. Because he received an outstanding award from the police on the day of the establishment of the Highway Patrol Department, said Pol. Maj. However, when he heard the news, he was very shocked and sad, not thinking that this incident would happen to their own boss. On this day, he came to express his condolences and send Pol’s soul. Maj. Siwakon to rest in peace. In the next life, I would like to be born master and subordinate together again. want the criminal to Accept the revenge that has been done and ask the law to punish the criminals and everyone involved.

Later, at 6:00 pm, officials from the Royal Household Office brought the royal water to bathe the body to Pavilion 11, Wat Phra Sri Mahathat, with the Pol Maj Gen. Suwat Saengnom, deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, presided over the ceremony.

The Maj Gen revealed. Suwat Saengnom, deputy commissioner, that the ACT would consider providing support to the family of Senator Siwakorn in full according to various rights that should receive family and personal rights Initially, there was a visit to offer support to the family of the deceased. Both for the heart, including the incident of loss that occurred Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn used to be a subordinate during his time as Chief of Staff of the Royal Thai Police. Personally, he saw that he was determined to work as a young man vigorous . Be a generous athlete In the past, I have done many great causes. The loss of key personnel from the Central Bureau of Investigation was considered. and the Highway Patrol Division Because he is a good worker and diligent in all aspects, his personality is cheerful, easy to get along with colleagues and senior officers. However, speak as if complimenting each other but if anyone who has worked with can experience part of speaking a straight talker Say what you feel, work, do it for real, meet in meetings of different causes. from headquarters and had a normal conversation But there was nothing about a prediction.

The Chief Police Commander revealed that the Central Bureau of Investigation intends to bring the case to be transferred to the case itself in the preliminary case. Because the case mentioned is a case involving an influential person. and the evidence is quite scarce Currently, the matter has been proposed to the Royal Thai Police Commissioner for recognition and the order has been signed to transfer the case file from Provincial Police Region 7 .Part 7 must also be considered by each party or not first. Investigative and investigative departments The police now know the names of the police officers who attended the incident at the home of the accused. In the process of calling everyone who was present at the event to be questioned. Part of the reason that various people For what reason will these attend the event? In this section, we have to wait for each person to ask first. Why did he go to work on that day?

Maj Gen said. Suwat in the case that many parties note that Why didn’t the large number of police officers at work detain the perpetrators at that time? The matter is under investigation. If any person at the incident is involved in the commission of a crime, prosecution will be based on evidence. details section It is a matter in the court case that cannot be disclosed.

Later, after the funeral prayers were completed, Mrs. Pimnara Supacharatpat, the older sister, that Pol Maj Sivakorn was a person who fought for life until receiving the police service well. He is also a person who has a strong determination to serve in the police service. has given pride to the family since graduating as a police cadet honoring the police career He is said to be a good cop Even if he is a splinter Lyrics meaning: Going to block the way of influence, I will do it.

Mrs Pimnara said she had touched in the past The younger brother never thought of using the system to appoint a leap forward. When it comes to work, the younger brother clearly separates work and personal matters. Causing the family not to know the details of any work I used to call and say I was tired sometimes.

As for the case, there are news reports that there are many police officers at work. Why didn’t his brother help himself? He and his family did not yet know the depth of the incident. because the events happened so quickly and continued to the funeral but the youngest brother had to die this time He used to tell his family that he was a police officer I want my family to accept him if something unexpected happens. Of the events that happened the commander from Maj Col. Siwakorn to give encouragement and he was ready to give justice. The family is proud that the younger brother is committed to being a good police officer. At least it made me realize that Thailand still has a good police force. But about the lawsuit now. Please rely on the adults how to manage the matter.

Mrs said Pimnara in terms of what he wanted to leave to the criminals who still refused. Part of asking for karma And the other part is asking to follow the process of law. In the end, he also gave it to Kamnan Nok. If you want to expand, help lobby for any policeman, believe that helping one life and having to hurt another life is the main pillar in the family Cause many people to be affected also be considered unfair Insist not to be afraid influence because his younger brother was not afraid Then why should he be afraid?

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