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Trailer for the movie “Fire on the Plain”

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Trailer for the movie “Fire on the Plain”

2021-10-28 15:32:40Source: Xi’an News Network

The movie “The Flame on the Plain” released today a short trailer of “Only Us”. The trailer is 20 seconds long. Zhou Dongyu sits in the back seat of Liu Haoran’s bicycle. The reporter was informed that the film “The Flame on the Plain” was adapted from Shuang Xuetao’s novel “Moses on the Plain”, produced by Diao Yinan, directed by Zhang Ji, with Shuang Xuetao as the artistic director, starring Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran, and will be held nationwide on December 24 Released.

Deduction of multi-level affection

“The Flame on the Plain” tells the story of criminal police Zhuang Shu (played by Liu Haoran) when he was investigating a taxi homicide when he accidentally discovered that his childhood friend Li Fei (played by Zhou Dongyu) was also involved, thus revealing a past eight years ago. According to the previously exposed trailers and posters, Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran have to challenge the time span of 8 years in the film, interpreting Li Fei and Zhuang Shu from the ignorance of two young children to the unforgettable reunion of adulthood. The two set fire together when they were young. The agreement between the two gave a flame-like enthusiasm and intensity to the two people’s emotions. However, in the film exposed this time, the atmosphere between the two protagonists is more peaceful and harmonious, conveying a full sense of story. The scene of reunion after 8 years flashes by, and the secret is as deep as possible. What is the emotional direction of the two? Has the 8-year agreement been completed? A series of questions triggered conjectures and moved people’s hearts.

In the short 20-second preview, the smiles of Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran in different situations and the different levels of sentiment conveyed are worthy of attention. The smiles of the two on the bike were full of youthful clarity, and their mutual affection was beyond words. In the interspersed scenes, the smiles of the two are cautious or relieved, and the smooth transition is wrapped in temptation and throbbing, reflecting the emotional process of the two at different stages, and bursting out different sparks. It can be seen that the two actors have a different role in the role. Accurate handling gives the audience a further expectation of the two opponents in the whole film.

Winter limited romantic love

“Flame on the Plain” is produced by the powerful director Diao Yinan, who has directed “Fireworks in the Day” and “The Gathering of Southern Station”, directed by Zhang Ji, and the original author of “Moses on the Plain” Shuang Xuetao is the artistic director, Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran Leading lead actors and contributors to the big screen for the first time, Mei Ting, Yuan Hong, Lu Yulai, and Chen Minghao performed their strengths, and the super lineup added firewood to the film. The expectation value of “Fire on the Plain” can be seen.

Not long ago, “Fire on the Plain” was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 69th San Sebastian Film Festival (International Category A Film Festival). It received a lot of overseas praise and won the top North American mainstream film market. focus on. At the same time, Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran have been recognized for their acting skills, and foreign media commented that they “have a strong chemical reaction together.” “The Flame on the Plain” conveys a sense of flame-like power under the harsh lens. In the film, the love between Li Fei and Zhuang Shu is hot and pure, and it carries the core essence of the film. It lit a fire in the cold winter and fought hard. Go to warm each other. This exposure previews the theme of “Only Us”, echoing the line of “We are left” in the film, and it also means that Li Fei and Zhuang Shu are the only emotional bond between each other, and the two hearts are slowly approaching in the cold winter night. The warmth illuminates the other party, even after 8 years of separation, the enthusiasm in the heart is still the same, and goodbye with a smile, it is worthy of agreement.

Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter of Xi’an Press


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