Trailer Released for Award-Winning Film ‘Ennivar’ Directed by Siddharth Siva

Film Trailer for ‘Ennivar’ Released, Directed by Siddharth Siva

Kerala Government Best Director Award Winner

The highly anticipated trailer for the upcoming film ‘Ennivar’, directed and edited by the talented Siddharth Siva, has recently been released. This remarkable film emerged victorious at the Kerala Government Best Director Award 2020 under the skillful guidance of Siddharth Sivak.

The captivating narrative revolves around four students who find themselves seeking refuge in the mesmerizing mountains. The film stars the brilliant actors Sarjano Khalid and Suraj S. Kurup, who are expected to deliver captivating performances that will leave audiences enthralled.

Brilliant Performances Acknowledged

Notably, actor Sudheesh was recognized for his exceptional portrayal and honored with the prestigious Best Character Actor award. With an incredible cast that also includes Binu Pappu, Jio Baby, and others, ‘Ennivar’ promises to be an enthralling cinematic experience.

A Promising Talented Mind

Siddhartha Siva is known for his remarkable storytelling abilities, and the film’s trailer suggests that ‘Ennivar’ will be yet another brilliant addition to his repertoire. The background score and music direction, skillfully handled by Suraj S. Vishal Johnson’s short yet impactful cinematography, contributes to the overall captivating atmosphere of the film.

Release Date and Platform

‘Ennivar’ is set to release on the streaming platform OTT on September 29th, much to the anticipation of film enthusiasts. Prepare to embark on a cinematic journey like no other as this promising film takes center stage.

The trailer of the film edited and directed by Siddharth Siva has been released and this is also the film that won the Kerala Government Best Director Award 2020 by Siddharth Sivak. The story revolves around four students who have to hide in the mountains. Actor Sudheesh also won the Best Character Actor award for his performance in this.

Sarjano Khalid, Suraj S. Kurup is acting in the film. The trailer suggests that ‘Ennivar’ will be another amazing story of Siddhartha Siva. Sarjano Khalid and Sooraj S. Apart from Kurup and Sudheesh, there is also Binu Pappu, Jio Baby and others in the film.The background score and music direction of the film is by Suraj S. It is made short.Vishal Johnson. Cinematography by Sinto Podutas.Saina will release on 29th September on OTT.

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