‘Transfer Romance’ ICOCO, CJ CJ CheilJedang Lee Jae-Hwan’s Ex-Vice Chairman Explains Controversy… “It’s not true” – Reporter Hyeji Yoo

Singer and YouTuber Icoco, who appeared on ‘Transferring Romance’, explained about his inappropriate relationship with CJ Vice Chairman Lee Jae-hyun.

On the 12th, Icoco said through her YouTube community, “First of all, I would like to apologize for the delay in replying to the many people who care about me, who have waited for me to express my position with a frustrated heart.”

He said, “Actually, I do not have an official agency, I am working personally, and my mother helps me a lot with my work. So it was difficult to express my position immediately, so my position statement was delayed.”

Regarding her close acquaintance with former Vice Chairman Lee, she said, “At the end of 2020, my mother heard from a friend of her mother that her friend had a meal with Chairman Lee. She suggested that she want to invite me.” “My mother was very happy with the above proposal and took care of my schedule herself. At the dinner above, I met Chairman Lee for the first time.”

Teabing ‘Transit Love’

He also emphasized, “After the dinner with the former chairman Lee and his mother’s friends at the end of 2020 mentioned above, I have never actually met with this former chairman, either publicly or privately.”

In addition, Icoco said, “There have been several personal Kakao Talks from former Chairman Lee, but I have only responded once or twice at the level to keep politeness towards adults. I have never shared it with this former president,” he drew the line.

Regarding the appearance in Teabing’s original ‘Transferring Romance’, he said, “The first time I saw my image, especially my image that appeared on Instagram, I was hired. He said, “There was never an inappropriate screening process. It’s just too bad that the story about the casting of a program comes out because of that one thing.”

Regarding the suspicion of preferential treatment for albums, he said, “I signed and released my album through the standard album distribution contract used by most singers. I did not receive any favors. If necessary, I will disclose the album profit passbook and details.”

Finally, Icoco said, “I feel even more sorry that Coco Farms, who always support me, must have been hurt by this incident. Nevertheless, I sincerely thank you for believing in me and waiting for me until the end.”

Previously, in November of last year, SBS published a Kakao Talk message shared between former Vice Chairman Lee Jae-hwan and singer A. According to the report at the time, Mr. A sent a message to former Vice Chairman Lee, “What are you doing, Chairman, don’t go out in the cold”, and former CEO Lee replied, “I think A”.

Also, while having a conversation about Mr. A through Kakao Talk to the CEO of a CJ affiliate, former Vice Chairman Lee requested “support for Mr. A’s activities”, raising suspicions of preferential treatment.

In the process, rumors that A is Choi Ye-na quickly spread online, and Choi Ye-na’s agency, Yuehua Entertainment, announced a strict policy of countermeasures.
Hyeji Yoo

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