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Transgender host Jin Xing Chuan is banned and all shots of “Brother Chasing Light” deleted | Morning Post

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(Comprehensive News) Transgender host Jin Xing Chuan was banned, “Let’s chase the light!” All shots of “Brother” have been deleted.

The Chinese host Jin Xing was once a male body. She underwent a sex reassignment operation in 1995. She is loved by audiences for her straightforward personality and spicy style. She is also one of China’s transgender legends. Recently, it has been reported that her suspended talk show “Venus Show” will return strongly, and she will also take over “Follow the Light!” The host of the second season of “Brother”. Unexpectedly, when the program “Chasing” was broadcast on the 20th, all the scenes of Venus were deleted, sparking heated discussion among netizens.

In the content of the program “Chasing”, Venus, the host, has no shots in the entire episode, and a few pictures are actually included in the extravaganza. Not only that, Venus recently announced the new network program “The Waves of Venus” also has no follow-up, so it is doubted that Venus may be officially banned.

Many netizens fight the injustice for her, asking “Is this really 2021?”, “Is it just because it is a sexual minority”, “If it is for that reason (transgender), then I can only say that the more alive the thinking, the more regressive it is. “.

Jin Xing once publicly stated that she was banned by Zhejiang TV station and criticized the TV station for “bad methods”. She broke the news that she wanted to vote for a show, but she would never accept manipulation, so she was removed as a judge, not to mention that she would be banned. Because of the instructions of “a certain official leader”.

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Another netizen speculated that the deleted scene of Venus was related to the male star Huang Lei. Venus previously commented on the Wuzhen Theater Festival, saying that the format of the festival is too small, and several directors have a small mentality that cannot accommodate well-done female director Tian Qinxin, and suggested that the selection of the repertoire should be more advanced, and the role of young people should be introduced instead of The old revolves around the art director. Huang Lei is one of the artistic directors of the festival. The truth remains to be verified by time.


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