Transgender married to a rich Thai man… She earned 750 million for formal wear alone

▲ Nongpoi’s Instagram capture

Recently, Nong Phoi, 36, an actress and model known as the most beautiful transgender woman in Thailand, held a lavish wedding ceremony with businessmen Ok Pak and Hong Yeok, 41, according to local media such as Nation Thailand.

According to reports, the wedding of Nong Phoi and Hong Yeok, which took place in Phuket on the 1st, was held in the traditional Peranakan style, a mixed culture of Chinese and Malays.

Their wedding was held in a mansion owned by the Hongyok family with 84 years of history, and only family and close friends were invited.

Nongpoi wore a Peranakan style formal dress embroidered with gold thread and decorated with antique gold ornaments and jewels. The price of the formal dress is known to have reached 20 million baht (about 750 million won).

Nongpoi shoes are said to have been designed and embroidered by an artisan who used to make shoes for King Rama X and others using the finest Australian sheepskin.

▲ Nongpoi’s Instagram capture

The long standing relationship between the two also became a hot topic.

Nong-poi and Hong-yok have known each other for over 20 years, and since Hong-yok and Nong-poi’s younger sister are close friends, it is said that the two have been close like brother and sister for a long time.

The two revealed that they were in a relationship, and it was reported that the families of both families supported them and congratulated them on their love.

Nongpoi underwent gender reassignment surgery at the age of 17, and the following year won the Miss Tiffany and Miss International Queen pageants, drawing attention.

▲ Nongpoi’s Instagram capture

He has been active in Thailand and Hong Kong, appearing in television programs and films, and is currently active as an advertising model for several cosmetic and jewelry brands.

Hong Yuk comes from a family of Chinese immigrants who started a tin mining business in Phuket during his great grandfather’s generation.

Reporter Lee Jung-soo