Transit Hejin, Fenhe, the flood peaks of this round merge into the Yellow River at Wanrong, Shanxi | Shanxi Province | Yuncheng_Sina News

Original title: The current flood peak of the transit Hejin Fen River flows into the Yellow River in Wanrong, Shanxi

Affected by the recent continuous rainfall and the upstream water, the Yuncheng section of the Fenhe River in Shanxi has encountered the largest flood peak in the past 40 years.

After crossing Hejin on the morning of the 9th, he arrived at Wanrong County, the last station of Yuncheng in Shanxi that afternoon, with a flow of about 700 cubic meters per second.

Wanrong County is located at the confluence of the Yellow River and Fen River, and Miaoqian Village is the mouth of the Fen River into the Yellow River. In the afternoon of the same day, when the Fenhe River entered the Yellow River, the peak of the Fenhe River merged into the Yellow River smoothly. (Headquarters reporter Yue Xuhui, Zhao Yingjie, Hu Xiaodong, Pei Dawei, Kang Xiaoyu, and Dong Qiqi)

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