‘Transit Love 2’ Cast Member Apologizes for Disparaging Law School Students

‘Transit Love 2’ Cast Member Park Na-eon Apologizes for Disparaging Comments about Local Law School

‘Transit Love 2’ cast member Park Na-eon has issued an apology after making comments that seemed to belittle a local law school. In a lengthy apology posted on her community YouTube channel ‘Park Naong’, Park Na-eon expressed remorse for her previous remarks.

Addressing the issue, Park Na-eon stated, “I have carefully read the feedback from those who have expressed their disappointment and concern over the past few days. I genuinely regret that I may have seemed dismissive of their opinions and criticisms, even though they have been offering valuable advice for a considerable time.”

As a 25-year-old college student, Park Na-eon acknowledged that her sudden media attention had led to unexpected opportunities and grateful experiences. However, she admitted that there were instances where her words and actions exhibited immaturity. “I deeply reflect upon and feel ashamed of that immaturity, and I sincerely apologize,” she wrote.

Reflecting on her recent experiences with the Legal Talent Test (LIT) for law school admissions, Park Na-eon recognized that the process was far more challenging than she had originally anticipated. She expressed regret over hastily jumping to conclusions and making careless comments about a course she had not completed on her own. It was evident that her perspective had undergone a recent change.

“Above all, I would like to apologize to my fellow test takers who are silently navigating the same entrance exam process, for any discomfort my remarks may have caused,” Park Na-eon conveyed. She concluded by pledging to strive for a more mature demeanor and conduct in the future.

Park Na-eon gained attention after revealing her enrollment in law school during her appearance on the TV show ‘Transit Love 2’, which concluded last year. However, a recent live broadcast sparked controversy due to comments such as “Who studies lit? Everyone is a talent” and “If you attend a local law school, you can breeze through half the curriculum.”

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Money Today Reporter Cha Yu-chae | 2023.10.02 07:45

‘Transit Love 2’ cast member Park Na-eon / Photo = Instagram Park Na-eon snaps Park Na-eon, who appeared on ‘Transit Love 2’, apologized for making comments that appeared to disparage a law school local (law school) .

On the 30th of last month, Park Na-eon posted a lengthy apology for her disparaging comments about a local law school on the community YouTube channel ‘Park Naong’ that she runs.

Park Na-eon began by saying, “I have carefully read the voices of those who have been bitter and worried for a few days. I am still sorry for the fact that I seem to be avoiding them out of vague fear, though.” they may have been giving advice and criticism for a long time.” .

He said, “As a very ordinary 25-year-old college student, I received a lot of undeserved attention through random media, and through this opportunity, I had opportunities and grateful experiences that I had never had before.” “There is immaturity in my words and actions. I deeply reflect on that immaturity and am ashamed of it, and I sincerely apologize,” he wrote.

He continued, “Recently, as I took the LIT (Legal Talent Test) exam for law school admission, decided which school to apply to, and wrote and submitted my personal statement, I clearly realized that this process much harder and harder. than I had thought and simply said. “I feel it. I very much regret jumping to conclusions and making careless comments about a course I could not complete on my own, and there has been a change in my short-lived thoughts as well,” he admitted.

“Above all, I would like to apologize for the uneasiness felt by my fellow test takers who are quietly going through the same entrance exam process,” he said. work hard to show a more mature side in the future.” he added.

Park Na-eon attracted attention by revealing that she was a law school student when she appeared on TV’s ‘Transit Love 2’, which ended last year. However, during a recent live broadcast, he caused controversy by making comments such as “Who studies lit? Everyone is a talent” and “If you go to a local law school, you can do half the studies .”

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