Transport discusses fiscal year 66, taps investment in logistics of more than 324 billion baht to develop “motorway-double-track railway”

“Sak Siam” sits at the head of the meeting table to scrutinize the budget for the year 2023 on the development of transport and logistics systems. Knock the limit of more than 324 billion baht by organizing more than 3222 billion or 99.30% to invest in infrastructure, including motorways, roads and trains.

On 10 January 2022, Mr. Saksiam Chidchob, Minister of Transport Chaired the meeting of the integrated budgeting committee Fiscal Year 2023, Faculty 3.2, Integrated Work Plan for Development of Transport and Logistics Systems Through the video conferencing (Video Conference) with the Zoom Cloud Meetings system, with the participants consisted of Permanent Secretary Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Representative of the Ministry of Commerce Representative of the Ministry of Industry Representative of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Budget Office Representative Representative of the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council Representative of the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission National Security Council Representative The Director of the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) is a member and joint secretary.

Mr. Saksiam Chidchob, Minister of Transport, revealed that the meeting had jointly considered the request for the integrated expenditure budget. Fiscal Year 2023 Integrated Work Plan for Development of Transport and Logistics Systems which has been scrutinized according to the guidelines and budgeting criteria set forth and has resolved to approve the draft of the integrated budget request The total amount of 324,233.3200 million baht is divided into 8 departments of infrastructure and facilities (Hard side), namely the Department of Highways (TLS), Department of Rural Roads (NTC), Marine Department (JT), Department of Transport. By land (Kh. B.), Department of Airports (D.O.), the Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT), the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) and the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) in the amount of 85 projects. 322,361.8297 million baht or 99.30%

There are important projects such as the construction of the M6 ​​intercity highway (motorway), Bang Pa-in – Saraburi – Nakhon Ratchasima / M81, Bang Yai – Kanchanaburi / M7, the extension to U-Tapao Airport, and No. 9, Bangkok Outer Ring Road, Bang Bua Thong – Bang Pa-in. , Construction of an elevated highway on Highway No. 35, Thon Buri – Pak Tho Line (Rama 2) Road, Bridge Over Songkhla Lake Project, Songkhla Province, Phatthalung, Bridge Project to Connect Koh Lanta, Krabi Province, Road in Kamphaeng Phet City, Kamphaeng Phet Province, The construction of the railway line Ban Phai – Nakhon Phanom and Sai Den Chai – Chiang Rai – Chiang Khong, etc.

In terms of efficiency in management (soft side), 22 agencies (Nor.Khor./Khor./Jor. Chor./Department of Forestry/Department of Medical Sciences/Department of Industrial Promotion/Department of International Trade Promotion/Department of Skill Development/Department of Customs/Greenhouse Gas Management Organization/Institute of Metrology/Naresuan University/Chiang Rai Rajabhat University / Udon Thani Rajabhat University / Chiang Mai University / Lanna University) 49 projects, with a budget of 1,871.4903 million baht or 0.70%

There are important projects such as the project to increase the competitiveness of Thai transport operators towards efficient, safe, standardized transportation of goods by road, the study project on the determination of advanced fares, the entrance fee, and the rules for raising the fare. by mass transit rail systems, a project to raise the speed detector standard for law enforcement to control road accidents, a project to optimize the server to support the import-export of timber through the NSW of Thailand, a project to strengthen the Able to operate business for industrial operators with sustainable efficient logistics management, project to develop a forward-looking model of logistics cost calculation in Thailand (Predictive Model), personnel development project to support Logistics industry, and weighing scale procurement and traffic equipment To increase the efficiency of international trade and services New Sadao Customs House, etc.

Mr. Sak Siam said He has ordered and instructed relevant agencies to take action on 4 issues: 1. Consideration of projects of all agencies. Must be ready in all dimensions Once the budget has been approved Must be ready to take action immediately 2. There should be an evaluation of the past performance. including the results of budget disbursement to be an indicator effective operation of the operating unit

3. Encourage all agencies to proactively disseminate public relations to create awareness and understanding among the general public To prevent misrepresentation and the creation of fake news that is happening today. 4. Ask the project to be prioritized. To keep the operation continuity with other large projects that use money outside the budget. where there is a need for budget funds to arrange land ownership especially rail system project which is an important policy of the government

The meeting has assigned the OTP to prepare a summary of proposals for the budgeting of integrated expenditures. Fiscal Year 2023 Integrated Work Plan for Development of Transport and Logistics Systems Presented Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister (Consider giving approval before submitting to the Bureau of Budget by January 14, 2022 following the next steps



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