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Transport unveils a new project plan for the year 65, with a budget of 9.74 billion baht, including land-rail-water-air

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‘Sak Siam’ reveals that transportation has set a new investment limit for new projects in the amount of 9.74 billion baht, including 24 projects, including land-rail-water-air.

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On October 18, 2021 Saksiam Chidchob, Minister of Transport revealed that the Ministry of Transport The new project investment limit is set according to the policy in the year 65, totaling 974,454 million baht, a total of 24 projects, divided into 12 road projects, investment amount 281,205 million baht, land project 1,361 million baht, rail 5 projects, investment amount 624,879 million baht. baht, 2 projects with an investment amount of 7,561 million baht, and 4 projects by air, with an investment amount of 59,448 million baht.

Mr. Sak Siam continued to say for 12 road projects Including 1. Motorway M9, Western Ring Road Section Bang Khun Thian – Bang Bua Thong, investment amount 56,035 million baht. 2. Motorway M5, Uttaraphimuk Tollway Extension Rangsit-Bang Pa-in section, investment amount 27,800 million baht, 3. The network connects the M6 ​​Bang Pa-in – Nakhon Ratchasima route with the highway (TLS) 32, investment amount 4,700 million baht 4. Motorway M7, the elevated road between Srinakarin-Suvarnabhumi section, investment amount 29,550 million baht.

5. Motorway M8, Nakhon Pathom – Pak Tho route, investment amount 51,760 million baht 6. Expressway, stage 3, northern route, section N1 and N2, investment amount 37,870 million baht 7. Expressway, extension of Chalong Rat Line Chatuchot Section – 3rd Ring Road, investment amount 21,919 million baht 8. Expressway projects Kathu-Patong section, Phuket Province, investment amount 14,470 million baht

9. Muang Mai – Koh Kaew – Kathu Expressway project 30,456 million baht 10. Road linking the aircraft repair center – Friendship Bridge 3, Nakhon Phanom Province, investment amount 1,600 million baht 11. Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge No. 6 Ubon Ratchathani – Salwan Ubon Ratchathani Province, investment amount 4,765 million baht. 12. The policy to decorate the highway, promote tourism, 280 million baht.

by land Number of projects is the border transport center project, Nakhon Phanom Province, with an investment amount of 1,361 million baht.

Track 5 projects Comprising of 1. Double-track railway project, 2 routes, namely Line Den Chai – Chiang Rai – Chiang Khong, 85,345 million baht, Ban Phai – Nakhon Phanom line, investment amount 67,965 million baht, 2. Electric train projects in Bangkok and its vicinity, 2 routes: Orange Line, Cultural Center – Bang Khun Non, 122,067 and the Purple Line, Tao Poon – Rat Burana, 124,958 million baht, and 3. 1 high-speed rail project, which is a train linking 3 airports, with an investment of 224,544 million baht.

Waterway, 2 projects namely: 1. Projects to construct two bank protection dams, namely, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, a distance of 4 km, with an investment amount of 1,010 million baht, and Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District to Nakhon Luang District, a distance of 13 km, with an investment amount of 5,105 million baht; and 2. Rehabilitation projects. 3 beaches: Jomtien Phase 1, investment amount 586 million baht, Jomtien Phase 2, investment amount 420 million baht, and Bangsaen beach investment amount 440 million baht.

by air There are 4 projects, comprising: 1. Chiang Mai Airport Phase 1 with investment budget 15,818 million Baht, Don Mueang Airport Phase 3 with investment amount 36,829 million Baht, Chumphon Airport with investment 3,250 million Baht and Ranong Airport with investment 3,550 million Baht.

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