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Trat FC 0-2 Suphanburi FC (Clip)

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Trat FC 0-2 Suphanburi FC

Thai League

Stadium: Trat Province Central Stadium

Trat FC 0-2 Suphanburi FC results (clip): Toyota Thai League battle yesterday in the past There is an interesting pair when Harrison Kion wields Leandro Assam-sau at different goals, taking Suphanburi FC to defeat Trat FC 2-0, resulting in the War Elephants. Grabbed the first victory of the round 4 games, moved to overtake the number 13 of the table, escape the relegation zone, while the white elephant army Defeated for the first time in 4 games with 15 points

The Thaiger team would like to take you friends. Summary of important highlights

Goal scorer

Trat FC : –

Suphanburi FC: Harrison Kion (80 minutes), Leandro Assamsau (90 minutes)

List of players of both teams

Trat FC : Tossaporn Sriruang (Goalkeeper) 6, Wittaya Munwong 6, Suphot Wonghoi 6, Atikun Meuam 6 (instead of N.75 Kriengkrai Pimrat 5.5), Mustafa Azad Soi 5.5, Sansan Limwattana 6, Jonathan Hes 5.5, Ricado Santos 6, Sathaporn Daeng 6, Mongkol Tosikai 6, Junior Lopez 6

Suphanburi FC : Patrick Deo (goalkeeper) 6.5 (instead of N46 Pongsakorn Samarnaret 5.5), Harrison Kion 7.5 (instead of PM 90 + 3 Peerapong Panyanumaporn -), raft Trick Reichell 7, Bae Shin Young 7 , Kasidet Vetayawong 7, Sakulchai Saengtopho 7 (instead of Nor.46 Panadecha Ngoenprasert 6), Leandro Assam Sao 7, Suphanthongsong 7, Ratchanat Arunphairot 5.5 (Tan Nhon. 38 Prasit Chantum 6), Chayaphon Subma 7, Ari Viera 7

Watch the highlight clip

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