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Trat is spreading hard! Found a fish processing plant 209 more infected

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23 Aug. 64 at 4 p.m. at a fish processing factory in the area of ​​Khlong Yai Subdistrict, Khlong Yai District, Trat Province, Mr. Khachitwet Kaew Noi, Khlong Yai District Chief, Chukiat Sae-ea District Public Health Office, Khlong Yai District with the administration, Khlong Yai Volunteer More than 50 doctors from Khlong Yai Hospital went to check the progress of screening factory workers after 13 cases of COVID-19 were found, causing today to announce the closure of the factory for screening. and isolate the patient and the high-risk And is waiting for the results of the infection to be known this evening.

Khlong Yai District Chief said that after being informed that Has been infected for 2 days, has ordered the Khlong Yai District Public Health Office to close the factory. including one factory After the infection was found to be linked along with screening tests to separate patients and high-risk people and was detained in the field hospital area at Khlong Yai Hospital and at the Rajarun Center Khao Lan Thai Red Cross Society And tonight will allow the local and local governments to control movement in the community for fear that in high-risk households It will be moved and may result in further infection. which he prayed that Don’t have an infection of 100 people or more because the hospital’s potential is only 70 beds waiting and there are already more than 10 patients in care, which if more can have consequences.

Dr. Panuwat Sophonlertphong, deputy public health doctor in Trat province, said it was likely that there would be a large number of infections in the factory. Because patients do not know that they are sick and are involved in the factory and their families. Which has tested all 350 workers, and the other more than a hundred people. which the result is not yet known But it’s not very difficult to happen. because it will affect the control which warns the people of Khlong Yai District to be careful of infection Because it may be able to enter the community. Previously, a plan and a meeting with the government department of the Ministry of Rangwan 5 shirts to understand the measures of large enterprises to control infection But in the end, they were infected first, so they had to be fixed.

Until 17.40, Mr. Khachitwet Kaewnoi, Klong Yai District Chief disclose to the press Confirmed the results of the test. Employees of the aforementioned fish processing factory infected 209 more people. The infected people were divided to Sanam Khao Lan Hospital. as well as adjusting the factory area to be a field hospital to retain employees All officials are working together to resolve this issue urgently.

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