Traveling with another woman, girls blocking dad’s car; Nadurodilit was beaten | father beaten by daughters | daughters attacks father | bhilwara viral video

Jaipur: Girls beat up their father in Nadu Road for having an affair with another woman. The father, who was traveling in a car with another woman, was stopped on the road and beaten by the two girls. The incident took place at Bhilwara Hanuman Nagar in Rajasthan.

They also beat up the woman who was with her father. Video footage of the incident has also been released.

The girls’ first attempt was to stop their father’s car in the middle of the road. But the vehicle did not stop. Later, the locals intervened and stopped the car. Later, the two girls beat their father out of the car. The victim was asked if she was ashamed to fall in love with another woman when she had two daughters. They also beat the woman in the car. But as the crowd increased, the woman escaped from the scene.

The girls said their father’s peace was shattered because his father was in love with another woman. The children also said that their mother was in a difficult situation because of their father’s love affair. However, police said that no complaint has been received so far in the incident and no case has been registered.

Content Highlights: man beaten up by daughters in rajasthan bhilwara video goes viral


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