Trawler sinks with 35 passengers in Meghna, 1 missing

A trawler with 35 passengers has sunk in Hatyar Meghna, an isolated island of Noakhali. 34 people were rescued but one person named Mohammad Shahjahan (40) is missing.

The incident took place at Majhnadi near Char Ataur on Friday (August 25) while going to Coralia Ghat in Tamaruddi around 4 pm.

Missing Mohammad Shahjahan Hatiyar Tamarddi Union Md. Son of Mostafizur Rahman. He was not found till 10pm on Friday.

The rescued passengers said that they boarded a small boat to cross the river in the afternoon. After entering the middle of the river, it was overturned by the waves and sank. Later, Shah Jahan was not found even though 34 people boarded the nearby fisherman’s boat.

On receiving the information, the Coast Guard members of Hatia BCG Station South Zone started the rescue operation. It is believed that the trawler sank due to carrying extra passengers.

Station Contingent Commander Prabir Kumar (PO) confirmed this to Jago News at night.

He said that due to darkness, the rescue work was stopped at night. The Coast Guard will conduct rescue operations again from morning.

Iqbal Hossain Majnu/EA

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