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Did you buy a PS1 with stuff or a playable PS1? Treasure Island Club (31) announced the “Original PlayStation Original Size Large Multifunctional Storage Bag” Mook in cooperation with Sony Interactive Entertainment. The original size reproduces the original PS console, allowing you to pack your favorite things.

This publication of Treasure Island Club is expected to be launched on June 13, with a suggested price of 2,068 yen; there are two options: blue and black.Except for the official website of Baodao Society, both blue and black are sold in two is only available in supermarkets, and black is only available in bookstores, Amazon, Rakuten Books and other online retail sites.

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The PS1 console, which unveiled the beginning of the PlayStation brand, was released on December 3, 1994. It has carried classics such as “Final Fantasy VII”, “Romantic Brigade 2”, “Devil City X Symphony of the Night” and so on. Over the years, the gray cube body has been a childhood memory of many players (teenagers, adults).

This full-size PS1 storage bag, in addition to fully reproducing the size of the body, also presents the memory card slot, heat dissipation holes, buttons, CD cover, and controller connections in a printed way.

With the full PS Logo lined in the storage bag, plus the “△◯╳▢” zipper buckle, it can only be said that the sense of memory is full and the sense of belief is also enough.





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