‘Treasury’ ignores FETCO, blames the state for failing to collect stock taxes I say again, there is no review.

“Treasury” ignores FETCO, continues to collect tax on stocks Fully confirmed. There is no review based on the proposal. Retail strikes stop trading. cannot be specified

December 7, 2022 – Finance Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith revealed that he had not yet received a letter of objection from the Federation of Capital Market Organizations of Thailand (FETCO) in the case of the treasury preparing to collect a certain business tax for the sale of securities on the stock market or share sales tax by requiring the collection of such taxes. because it has been proposed to the Cabinet (Cabinet) for consideration and approval There is no review based on the proposal.

“The Treasury has not seen the book yet. We have presented it to the cabinet and approved it. In the past All have been explained. about the necessity and principles of storage,” said Mr. Arkhom.

Mr Arkhom said that if retail investors disagreed and prepared to respond by suspending trading on December 8th. The treasury has already been explained. Whether the impact is severe or not depends on the market. The warehouse has already spoken and many countries collect them all The rate that Thailand collects is not collected in more than many countries.

for such a draft law in the legislative review of the Office of the Council of State Various details will be handled by the Department of Revenue. But still in accordance with the decision of the Cabinet which has already approved in principle

However, when it is published in the Royal Gazette it will come into force Will be exempt for 3 months and will start collecting from the 4th month, with the first year still paying half the tax on a rate of 0.055% including local tax in order to have an adjustment Before collecting at a rate of 0.11% in the next year, it is expected that the government’s revenue will increase by 16 billion baht.

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