‘Treasury’ reveals half of each person, Phase 3 has 26.22 million accumulated users

Half-person project, phase 3 There are 26.22 million cumulative users. from the number of entitled holders 27.98 million with the total accumulated spending 184,823.7 million baht Divided into accumulated spending by the public of 93,934.0 million baht and the accumulated co-payment by the government of 90,889.7 million baht, and accumulated spending classified by type of stores, namely, food and beverage outlets of 73,061.3 million baht, Thong Fah stores 29,910.5 million baht, and OTOP stores 8,876.6 million baht. General stores 69,616 million baht, service shops 3,162.5 million baht, and public transportation 196.8 million baht.

The more usable the project There are 91,952 people who have accumulated rights from more than 4.9 hundred thousand people who have accumulated spending of 3,718 million baht, with a cumulative spending value that is used to calculate e-Voucher rights of 3,064 million baht and accounted for The accumulated value of e-Vouchers totaled over 353.8 million baht and the accumulated spending value of e-Vouchers was 194.9 million baht. The accumulated spending was classified by type by stores, such as food and beverage outlets 179.6 million baht, Thong Fah stores 198.8 million baht. baht, OTOP stores 412.9 million baht, general stores 2,982.6 million baht, and service shops 139 million baht.

For the latest spending information through the Food Delivery Platform, as of December 3, 2021 at 8:00 am, the third half of the project, Phase 3, has accumulated spending of approximately 2,657.7 million baht, divided into the money that people spend 1,372.2 million baht, and The government jointly paid 1,285.5 million baht for the project, the more you use, the more you have accumulated spending of more than 2 million baht and half of the food and beverage operators in the project, Phase 3, and the more you use the project, the more they sell food and Beverages through the latest food delivery platform service providers now number more than 79,000

People can spend half of the project, Phase 3 or spend on the e-Voucher for the more usable project. available until December 31, 2021

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