“Treasury” reveals that the welfare card registration of 9.6 hundred thousand people is incomplete.

More than 9.6 lakh welfare card registrants of the state are facing the problem of incomplete registration. As TDRI scholars warn, this approach may not be accessible to real low-income earners.

Mr. Pornchai Thiravej, Director of the Fiscal Policy Office As a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance said that those who have registered for the State Welfare Registration Program 2022 between 5-8 September. More than 960,000 incomplete registrations out of 5.2 million registered users.

because the registered person fills in incomplete or incorrect information according to the criteria such as the Provincial Administration Department database Found that the registered person is a monk, under 18 years of age, has a spouse, informs the spouse of incorrect information , the number of children and the ID card number is not correct for everyone within 3 Nov.

While Mr. Somchai Chisuchon, Director of Research, Thorough Development The Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) is proposing to the Ministry of Finance to review how to register for the State Welfare Card Scheme. to be in line with the social context of real low income earners After noting that the Ministry of Finance still uses the same registration method. Although this method has found that the problem of real low income earners has decreased by as high as 51 percent.

It also proposes to use community mechanisms for PMMC and avoid using government personnel to join the selection of those who are not considered poor from the existing database. o paying subsidies for newborns, the disabled, the elderly, etc.

Recently, the Ministry of Finance reported that the number of people registered for the project across the country has reached more than 14.1 million, which will gradually publish the registration results every Friday.

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