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Shakira, singer from Colombia He opened his mouth for an interview. Her life was like a nightmare. They had to separate from Barcelona midfielder, Gerard Pique after 11 years of marriage.

The famous Spanish couple announced their split last summer. After the fierce bullshit media reported that Shakira caught new boyfriend Pique. Now the Barcelona star has planted a new love tree with a young student. While the singer continued to remain single.

Credit : ELLE Magazine

However, Shakira first revealed to E! News that her life after breaking up with Pique is like a nightmare. because she had to face the paparazzi who followed her almost all the time

“I just kept calm and tried to do the whole thing. Well, yes, this is hard to say. Especially because I’m still going through it.”

“And because I’m in the public eye And because our division is not like a normal division. Not only is it difficult for me. but also my children It was even harder.”

“I had to find paparazzi camping in front of my house 24 hours a day, there was nowhere I could get away from them with my children. except in your own home.”

“You know, we can’t walk around the park like a normal family. or go eat ice cream or go to any other activities without any paparazzi following So it’s even harder.”

“I’m trying to do it (protect you) because that’s my first mission in life. But then they’ve heard stories from school, from friends, or come across unpleasant news online. it affects them you know?”

“Sometimes I feel like everything is a nightmare. and I woke up it’s true And the other truth is the disappointment of seeing what I thought was so special and irresistible as the relationship I had with the father of my children. Instead, I saw it transformed into something that was degraded and devalued by the media.”

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