Tree Damage Causes Power Outage in Yala Province: Electricity Authority Rushes to Repair High Voltage Pole

Yala Hit by Rain and Strong Winds: High Voltage Electricity Pole Damaged

Yala Province, Mueang District – Following heavy rainfall and strong winds yesterday (September 16, 2023), a disturbing incident unfolded during the night. A massive tree toppled onto a high voltage electricity pole near Muang Yala Temple, resulting in power outages. Concerned about the safety of the area’s residents, the Electricity Authority promptly dispatched a repair team.

Quick Response by Electricity Authority

The commotion caused by the fallen tree disrupted electricity supply in the region from late evening until 2:30 am today (September 17, 2023). The impacted section had to be isolated for the technicians to carry out necessary repairs. Consequently, the affected route was temporarily closed to ensure public safety.

Mr. Rapeepat Promyod, Head of Operations and Maintenance at Yala State Provincial Electricity Authority, wasted no time. By this afternoon, he had mobilized a highly skilled team equipped with trains and necessary electrical tools to commence work on the damaged poles. The restoration operation is predicted to conclude by 5:00 pm.

Investigation Reveals Cause of Damage

Preliminary findings by Mr. Rapeepat indicate that the incident resulted from a decaying Bodhi tree within the premises of Muang Yala Temple in conjunction with the severe weather conditions. The calamity occurred at 2:30 am, leading to the breakage of three high voltage electricity poles and damage to seven pole ends. Prompt action was taken by electricians to cut off the electricity supply, restricting the power failure to the area of the incident. Fortunately, no harm befell the local residents. Currently, there is a concerted effort to expedite the replacement of poles and electrical equipment. Completion is expected later tonight, ensuring the seamless distribution of electricity as usual.

Fortifying the Power Grid

Going forward, the electricity grid will undergo extensive evaluation and appropriate measures to reduce risk areas vulnerable to tree falls during thunderstorms. In light of the prevalent weather conditions characterized by frequent rain and strong winds, inspection and risk mitigation are of paramount importance to prevent such incidents from reoccurring.

Information and News Sources

  • Correspondent: Rungsuree Kittikulsawat
  • Composer: Thanyarat Teerahiranwat
  • Source: TAT Yala

Rain and strong winds in Yala A large tree fell and damaged a high voltage electricity pole. The Electricity Authority rushes to put the repair team into action

After rain and strong winds in the Mueang District area, Yala Province yesterday (16 September 20) since the evening Until 2:30 am today (September 17, 2023), there was an incident where a large tree fell on a high voltage electricity pole. In the area next to Muang Yala Temple causing some parts of the electricity to go out The officers have cut off the electricity and closed the route. For the safety of the people of the area

Most recently late today (17 September 2023) Mr. Rapeepat Promyod, Head of Operations and Maintenance Mr Yala State Provincial Electricity Authority has mobilized a team with trains and electrical equipment to rush to repair the electricity poles. and damaged equipment It is expected to be completed around 5:00 pm

for the damage that occurred Mr Rapeepat said it was caused by a rotten Bodhi tree inside the Muang Yala temple that fell on an electric pole from the rain and strong winds. The incident happened at 2:30 am today, causing three high voltage electricity pole broken and 7 pole ends damaged, which happened after last night’s incident The electrician came to cut off the electricity supply. Only the area of ​​the incident flattens the officer Power failure of the Sub-District Administrative Organization But fortunately, the villagers did not suffer. Now we have hurried to change the poles and the new electrical equipment, it is expected to be completed tonight and electricity will be able to be distributed as usual.

From now on, the electricity grid will have to accelerate the branching. Inspect risk points Reduce the risk area of ​​large trees falling on electrical poles. During thunderstorms During this period it will often rain and be windy.

Information and news sources

Correspondent: Rungsuree Kittikulsawat

Composer: Thanyarat Teerahiranwat

Source: TAT Yala

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