Trend of “Thai stock market” April 27, 2023, adjusting to narrow range, waiting to see US GDP

Trend, direction, Thai stock market, April 27, 2023, the broker expects to adjust in a narrow frame Investors await the release of GDP figures for the United States and Europe. Including PCE inflation figures, the support range is 1,540 points and the resistance is 1,560 points.

Mr. Wichit Arayapisit, Senior Vice President and Investment Strategist, Securities Company Research Department Maybank (Thailand) states that the trend “Thai stock marketToday, the market index is expected to move in a narrow range. Because investors are still waiting for the release of US and European economic figures (CMC), as well as US PCE inflation figures later this week.

Also waiting to follow the meeting of the Federal Reserve (Fed) on May 3, ready to provide support at 1,540 points and resistance at 1,560 points.

by the Thai stock market Yesterday improved in line with the direction of foreign stock markets After problems in the US banking sector under pressure in the short term. and still have group buying Big Cap come to support the index

While the Thai stock market yesterday (April 26, 2023) closed at 1,543.95 points, an increase of 3.75 points (+0.24%), the trading value was 42,482.43 million baht, with the lowest point at 1,532.08 points and the highest point at 1,549.81. point

organization Net sales 307.66 million baht

Account Net sales 1,235.27 million baht

abroad Net purchase 1,411.08 million baht

in the country Net purchase 131.86 million baht


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