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TrendForce: Apple’s MiniLED iPad Pro is expected to ship 5 million units this year | Anue

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Apple (AAPL-US) officially launched a new generation of 12.9-inch iPad Pro equipped with a Mini LED display. Research institute TrendForce stated that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro originally had stable demand in the niche market. Due to the upgrade of specifications and the incentives of price differences, It is expected that shipments of the new generation of iPad Pro will be upgraded from 4 million units to 5 million units this year, and the global tablet computer market share is also expected to increase from 2.5% to 3.1%.

TrendForce is also naming related supply chains that are expected to benefit, including Mini LED chip Fucai (3714-TW), inspection and sorting manufacturer Huite (6706-TW), Shuttle (6812-TE), Jiuyuan (6261-TW) ), printing manufacturers Taiwan Watch Branch (6278-TW), Yuanfengxin, PCB backplane manufacturers Zhending-KY (4958-TW), Tripod (3044-TW), driver IC factory Pu Rui-KY (4966-TW) ), Novatek (3034-TW), Macroblock (3527-TW), light source module manufacturer Ruiyi (6176-TW), Yecheng GIS-KY (6456-TW), etc.

TrendForce analyst Chen Shuxun said that from the perspective of technical costs, the previous generation of 12.9-inch iPad Pro uses traditional edge-lit LED backlights. Compared with Mini LED backlights, the cost difference is about $85. However, the price of this product is only higher than the previous version. An increase of US$100 for a generation of the same specification shows that Apple is actively introducing Mini LED backlight technology, and the price only reflects the increase in cost prices.

Chen Shuxun further pointed out that this time Mini LED 12.9-inch iPad Pro is equipped with high-end display Liquid Retina XDR technology, and the brightness can reach 1000 nits. Among them, the instantaneous peak brightness can reach 1600 nits and 1000000:1. The ultra-high contrast ratio is the first time that it appears on a tablet. The above specifications, using Mini LED backlight technology, the display effect will also surpass the 31.5-inch iMac.

Looking forward to this year, TrendForce believes that Apple Macbook 14-inch and 16-inch will also be equipped with Mini LED backlight display technology. From the perspective of hardware specifications, Mini LED will become the benchmark for high-end products in the tablet and notebook market.

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