Trends in the volatile morning index swing. Concerns about the US-European banking crisis Wait for the announcement of the dissolution of parliament by InfoQuest

© Reuters (Additional) Thai stock market state: Index trends in the morning are mixed. Concerned about the US-European banking crisis Announcing the dissolution of parliament

InfoQuest – Mr Apichart Phobanjerdkul Director of the Securities Analysis Division, TISCO Securities said that the Thai stock market this morning was volatile. But still stronger than other stocks in Asia Investors continue to worry about banking crises in the US and Europe after SVB Financial Group, the parent company of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), declared bankruptcy. It went last Friday. As a result, crude oil prices plunged to a 15-month low on recession worries.

Although there are Credit Suisse banks in Europe that previously faced financial crises until the risk of bankruptcy

Recently, UBS Bank (UBS), Switzerland’s largest bank. has reached an agreement to acquire the business worth 3 billion Swiss francs, however, today waiting to see the Prime Minister announce the dissolution of parliament to enter the electoral process in May 2023 which should be a factor that supporting the stock market today

Set the support at 1,550-1,555 points and the resistance at 1,575 points.

*Investment Considerations

– New York Stock Exchange (March 17), the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 31,861.98 points, down 384.57 points or -1.19%, the S&P500 Index closed at 3,916.64 points, down 43.64 points or -1.10% and the Nasdaq Index closed at 1,6 .0.0. points, down 86.76 points or -0.74%

– Asian stock markets open today The Nikkei Index opened in the morning at 27,253.73 points, down 80.06 points or -0.30%, the Hang Seng Index opened in the morning at 19,352.90 points, down 165.69 points or -0.84% ​​and opened Shanghai Composite Index in the morning at the level of 3,253.93 points, an increase of 3.38 points or +0.1%

– The Thai stock market last closed (17 March ’23) 1,563.67 points, an increase of 9.02 points (+0.58%), trading value 73,534.88 million baht.

– Foreign investors sold a net of 2,103.01 million baht on March 17, 2023.

– WTI delivered in April (March 17) shed 1.61 or 2.36% to close at $66.74/barrel and fell 13% this week.

– Refined GRM, based on the Singapore market, which last closed (March 17) at $8.17/barrel.

– The baht opened at 34.05, the trend of appreciation by region. Many factors are putting pressure on the dollar to weaken.

– Closing 3 US banks, which affects startups-Venture Capital, it is more difficult to raise money, as well as the cost is expensive, keep an eye on “Credit Suisse”, which will affect the wider area or not? or the Swiss National Bank ready to inject money

– The 43rd House and Condo Expo, the most furious of 200 real estate companies “Kanda” sales promotion contest generously gives 10 baht to win a single house, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, “Ananda” has 8 policies to stimulate urban customers. “ASW-Majority” buys a condo for 1.49 million, go for free, no need to win a trip to the Maldives reveals that “Kasikorn Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, UOB” join the booth to solve difficult loan problems

– The Subcommittee on Television Matters has a decision The NBTC has canceled the entire Must Have announcement, leaving it in line with market forces. After causing Thailand to be set to buy more expensive copyrights and it became the state’s burden to pay for copyright Why the private sector is not interested in bidding The copyright seller will require the bidder to broadcast the TV broadcast for no.

– Nida Poll opens the results of the 1st election campaign ’66 “Pita-Big Tu” squeezes evenly, “Srettha” is still not in the dart Politicians do not reflect on the truth, raising the cause of the police area certainly beyond the vote

* Today’s Best Stocks

– BGRIM (Krungsri) “Buy” IAA Consensus target at 48 baht, benefiting from lower energy prices. The baht has returned to appreciate and there is hope for the government to increase the Ft plus SPP power plants (BGRIM benefited the most).

– AMATA (Kingsford) “BUY” with a target price of 25.70 baht per Bloomberg Consensus, ensuring that normal operations in 2023 will remain bright due to the resumption of negotiations with foreign customers after Covid-19 fades. Establishing a production base for the electric vehicle (EV) group, including moving the production base from China to Thailand Initially, AMATA is targeting land sales in 2023 at 2,500 (+100% YoY). Land in Amata Rayong City Industrial Estate 700-800 Rai, Thai-Chinese Industrial Estate (Thai-Chinese joint venture company) 500 Ra, 600-700 Ra of industrial estate in Vietnam and the rest is land in Amata City, Chonburi.

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