Trent Alexander-Arnold placed friendship before Man Utd vs Liverpool

Trent Alexander-Arnold says that no love will be lost as he goes into war with Liverpool's biggest enemy.

The talented young Reds has a great friendship with Manchester United raised stars, Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard, when the three finalists came to an end during the British Cup run to the World Cup semi-final.

Alexander-Arnold's brother, Tyler, and Raneford's brother Dane, are all good friends and often all socialize together … but not in the days before the game, the biggest competition in English football is.

When asked if he will be sending his friends to England before Sunday, the star Anfield said: “Undoubtedly.

Alexander-Arnold is a close friend of Rashford

“You focus on your job and on the day you won't be smiling. We will be going to war with them and we hope that we will come out on top. ”

Alexander-Arnold has spoken generously in the past about a United pair, and he thinks they are close, although he argues that there is a “stiff competition” when they return to their clubs.

The teenager explained that there is a close relationship between the international players, but he explained that it goes out of the window in the domestic season.

The United States faced him in last season's game

“I think that the establishment of England helped everyone cope with the bitter conflicts. This probably helped us to do well internationally, ”he said.

“But when you're not on international duty it's normal business as usual.”

Rashford showed how business as usual can be brutal and ruthless when he took Alexander-Arnold apart at Old Trafford last season scoring both goals United won the game.

That was used as evidence that there was a long way to go back to the highlight in the game, but he responded to Liverpool on the Champions League final, and also in the World Cup.

Alexander-Arnold and Lingard were close during the World Cup

And Alexander-Arnold says that he has been working hard at his game ever since this disappointment last year … and he also argued that it is not ashamed to attract goals to talent as great as Rashford.

“I suppose I would say that the most difficult point of my career to date has been, which has helped me to learn, progress and make progress.

“I'm still using it as a learning point. rather than put me at ease, put me down and think maybe I am not good enough at this level, it was important to use it as a positive thing and see it as a learning step to improve to it.

Returned right back on recent exercise

“I had to use it as a stimulus to ensure that something like that did not happen again and you prove that you are better than you did on that day. The training team led me through the hard time around that game. ”

And Rashford said: “His talent is obvious. If it is no longer a world class player, it is one that can reach that level. ”

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