Trevisan, ranked 59th in the world, advances to the French Open tennis women’s singles quarterfinals

Martina Trevisan [AP=연합뉴스]

Martina Trevisan (59th, Italy) was the first to advance to the semifinals of the French Open tennis tournament (total prize money 43.6 million euros, about 58.6 billion won).

Trevisan defeated Leyla Fernandez (18th, Canada) 2-1 (6-2 6-7 6-3) in the women’s singles quarterfinals on the 10th day of the tournament held at Stade Roland Garros, Paris, France on the 31st (local time). .

Trevisan, who has reached the semifinals of a major for the first time in his life, will compete with the winner of the next match between Koko Goff (23rd) and Sloane Stevens (64th, USA) to advance to the final.

Trebizan is 29 years old this year, and she won her first singles title on the Women’s Professional Tennis Tournament (WTA) in Morocco just before the tournament. Her current ranking at number 59 is also her own personal best.

The previous best record in the major was the quarterfinals of the 2020 French Open.

Although he is not tall at 160cm, he achieved his first victory in the tour and the best record in the majors on clay courts with the advantage of being a left-handed person and an experienced course attack.

Last year’s US Open singles runner-up, 2002-born Fernandes, was aiming for his second major semifinal, but couldn’t pursue further after catching up with a game score of 1-5 to 3-5 in the last three sets.

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