“Tri-Marie” led a group of two women in turbulent “Lady blooming juicy”

“Tri-Marie” led a group of two women in turbulent “Lady blooming juicy”

Getting auspicious on air at first Tuesday night, Nov. 3, now for a comedy-drama. “Lady Blooming” that is ready to invite fans To rejuvenate your heart with the love story of the new royal couple, Tri-Phon Phat and Marie Briner, along with the friendship of the Lady gang. That will come to make laughter for the end of the year This event is a big surprise, it is inevitable that these real male actors Have to turn over a character, play the role of a ladyboy I can say that each person is fully prepared, no one will ever give in to each other.

Just opening the first episode is extremely chaotic. When a gang for transgender women Under the name “Lady” gang consisting of golf balls (Goh Tee), Bambam (Pete-Phon), Dok Ya (Poi Fai Malaiporn), AB (Macke-Kong Prich). Who agreed to collect the last amount of money In order to build a dream for Gina (Guy-Ratchanont), a girl friend in the group, has been married to a boyfriend Ball (Tum-Suthon), with Om (Marie Briner), Gina’s sister, as a central figure. Work for and hired TOP (Tri-Phon Phat), a handsome young photographer who doesn’t like Toot as original capital to take photos of the atmosphere at the event. But then the wedding went wrong When the bewitched groom pushes the dowry with TOP’s camera to escape. The mission of hunting for the baddest groom has begun. Along with the beginning, the relationship between TOP and Om was unknowingly formed.

Follow the fun that will make you laugh all the tears in the drama. “Lady Blossom” has a queue broadcast every Monday – Tuesday. Start the first episode on Tuesday, November 3, at 8:15 p.m. on Channel 31.


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