‘Trinuch’ is boiling! Order to move the director Enter the group Jensen the bond The younger generation attacked the bedroom in order to rape the elderly.

‘Trinuch’ is boiling! Order to move the director Enter the group Jensen the bond The younger generation attacked the bedroom in order to rape the elderly.

In the case of a 17-year-old female student, a boarding student at a co-educational boarding school in Muang district, Phetchabun province, a 15-year-old male student climbed up into the quarantine dormitory for girls infected with the new coronavirus, or Covid- 19 and then raped in front of a female friend who is a student The incident happened since August 24 in the past.

On 23 September, Ms. Treenut Thienthong, the Minister of Education (MOE), that the report has been received. The incident was considered to be the school director’s fault. who has ordered the school director to work in the central area and checked everyone involved. especially the teachers on duty who looked after the children on the day of the accident

“This is a flawed issue. It needs rigorous scrutiny. If the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) examined it, it was found that there was in fact negligence. to take full disciplinary action MOE must look after all students. especially vulnerable children who have to study together So, in the context that students must come together Schools must also be strict in various regulations,” said Ms Treenut.

Miss Treenut further said that The female students affected and still in the school The MOE will take full care of the mental state of the students and will not abandon them and they do not want students to leave the school. by coordinating with a psychologist and related agencies to monitor them closely as well as taking care of education management as well. because it is important And he emphasized that schools in residential schools must not be neglected and not let this happen again.

The reporter asked Some parents are now transferring their children out of school. because of uncertainty How to gain confidence Ms. Treenut that the Ministry of Education has rules and regulations already established. But in practice, schools can be lax and lax. MOE must strictly comply with the established regulations. for children to be safe and if that happens a serious examination must be carried out.

Mr. said Amporn Pinasa, secretary general of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC), that the matter has been reported. On the day of the incident, a student contracted COVID-19. Therefore, non-addicted children and teachers must be separated. Which are about 5-6 women on the ground floor until the incident happened to the child who was in the top quarantine. Therefore, the teacher did not know what happened. he found out when the children told their friends and said he didn’t let the boy sleep with him

“It’s something that shouldn’t happen. OBEC is concerned about the support system for students or the school’s student surveillance system is still lax Therefore, the different schools In order to take care of this matter more intensively, the school director ordered to start moving to the OBEC. In terms of children, whether intentional or unintentional That is, the facts must be checked. but he had to be helped with a place to study Parents are invited to discuss whether the children will study in the same place. or wish to relocate The OBEC is ready to coordinate the school for them,” said Mr Amporn.

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