“Triumph” takes back the tracks of the 765 cc engine before the start of the 2022 season in Thailand.

The 2022 MotoGP season in Thailand is fast approaching after a two-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest competition in Thailand at Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province Ready to come back to compete in a great way again, of course, Triumph Motorcycles. As the sole official engine supplier for the Moto2 race starting from the 2019 season onwards, it continues to supply the tuned 765cc triple engine for use in As always, competing in Moto2 for all teams. This time is a good opportunity to get everyone back into the atmosphere. and the success of the Triumph engine in the Moto2 race

Triumph’s first year of operation as an engine sponsor for the Moto2 circuit began, with the 2019 season kicking off a string of record-breaking performances. He started with 16 lap speed records and 18 top speed records from 19 races, including a top speed record of over 300 km/h for the first time in a Moto2 race with a 765cc Triam triple engine. He has transformed and elevated the standard of this class of racing to another level of success and pride. Competing in the 2019 Moto2 season at Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province The result was Luca Marini, an Italian rider from Sky Racing Team VR46, driving a Triumph engine. Wins the first Moto2 race in Thailand.

In the second year of the Moto2 2020 season, the Triumph engine continues to show excellent performance by breaking the speed record with an additional eight times of the work of all seven Moto2 race winners. able to break the perfect lap speed record eleven more times He completely smashed Triumph’s new 765cc triple powerplant set for 2019. The result includes the new world champions, Enea Bastianini, who has been crowned champions of r fierce competition until the end of the season, as well as Luca Marini, with Sam Lowes finishing second and third with a draw.

In its third year of racing, the 2021 Moto2 season marks another record-breaking season with the Triumph 765cc triple engine that continues to set new standards in the racing class. This track broke 16 lap and all-time records, and it was also the first time the Triumph Trophy was released, where the winning racer was awarded a Triumph street triple motorcycle. The RS (Triumph Street Triple RS) is a special special edition. As a result, rider Remy Gardner took home the 2021 Moto2 World Champion title, while Raul Fernandez came second and also won the Triumph Triple Trophy

Strong experience combined with a commitment to engine development. As a result, Triumph has been trusted as an engine supplier for four consecutive years. Halfway through the Moto2 2022 season, It is one of the most competitive seasons. There were only two points between the competition’s top three. Although first and second place in the Triple Triumph Trophy were only one point apart. There was also another milestone: on the eve of the British Grand Prix, Triumph made a big surprise by announcing its grand plans to develop a 765cc triple engine for Moto2 racing. By taking the original Street Triple RS engine from the factory to develop higher revs, power and performance. The 765cc triple engine promises to set a new benchmark for Moto2 racing.

However, for the upcoming 2022 MotoGP season in Thailand. Between 30 September – 2 October 2022 at Chang International Circuit Triumph Motorcycles Buriram Province All fans of the riders are invited to experience the thrill of the real race. At the same time, you can also take part in activities to easily receive Triumph Gift Set Moto2 Edition souvenirs at the Triumph booth within the event. You can find more information. as well as follow news and activities at www.triumphmotorcycles.co.th and www.facebook.com/TriumphMotorcyclesThailand

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