Trombone rhythm game “Trombone Champ” is becoming a hot topic

The developer, Holy Wow, recently announcedThe world’s first trombone rhythm gameChampion Trombone]Video playback is now a hot topic.

(Image from Trombone Champ Steam page)
(Image from Trombone Champ Steam page)
(Image from Trombone Champ Steam page)

In this work, using a trombone, the notes flowing from the right are processed by moving the mouse up and down and pressing the button at the right time. Currently, more than 20 songs including marching songs and classical songs are being recorded. If you successfully process the notes and complete one song,paragraph” is available and the collection can be opened.

Such work was recently released by foreign mediaPC playerThe subject is boiling now because it has been taken up. In the video, the player on the right moves rhythmically to the music, and I can’t say anything.”playful tone” to see him play.

Due to the surrealism of the video, it has received a lot of feedback from many people at the time of writing the article.Got 22,000 RTs and 85,000 likes.Lots of comments like “Interesting!”

(Image from Trombone Champ Steam page)

Champion Trombone]is currently distributed on Steam for 1520 yen. In reviews, 95% of 304 reviews were positive and the review score “very good reception“.

This work is a hot topic because of its indescribable surrealism. If you are interested, why not buy it?

“Trombone Champ” Steam Page.

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