Truck Collision with School Bus on Rainy Gyeongbu Expressway

Accident on Gyeongbu Expressway Sends Shockwaves Through Community

Delivery time: 2023-09-13 21:13

An alarming incident unfolded today on the renowned Gyeongbu Expressway, leaving the community in a state of shock and concern. A heavy 8.5-ton truck lost control amidst incessant rain, resulting in a catastrophic collision with a bus carrying middle school students.

The Seocho Police Station has reported that the collision took place near Seocho IC on the up line of the Gyeongbu Expressway around 2:40 pm today (13th). This unfortunate event has raised serious questions about the safety and preparedness on our roads.

Around 20 individuals, including the bus driver, teachers, and students, were swiftly transported to a nearby hospital for immediate medical attention. Fortunately, it has been determined that no life-threatening injuries were sustained. While this brings some relief, it also serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the urgency for enhanced safety measures.

In light of this distressing incident, the police have launched an investigation to ascertain the exact circumstances surrounding the accident and evaluate the extent of the damage caused. It is crucial that a thorough examination takes place to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

We are deeply saddened by this event and stand in solidarity with the affected individuals and their families during this challenging time.

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Delivery time2023-09-13 21:13

An accident occurred on the Gyeongbu Expressway when an 8.5-ton truck skidded in the rain and collided with a bus carrying middle school students.

According to the Seocho Police Station, a collision between a truck and a tour bus occurred near Seocho IC on the up line of the Gyeongbu Expressway at around 2:40 pm today (13th).

About 20 people, including the bus driver, teachers, and students, were taken to a nearby hospital, and it was determined that there was no life-threatening injury.

The police are investigating the exact circumstances of the accident and the extent of the damage.

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