True 5G joins alliances to launch the ‘UP2U Uninterrupted True Upnet Upnet lifestyle does not drag the feeling’ campaign, a new type of internet add-on package

Meet all lifestyles, only 200 baht per month, get 10 GB of high-speed internet, and get it for free! Privileges or coupons instead of cash up to 200 baht. Shop, choose, use at participating partner stores. Apply for prepaid and monthly customers.

For the first time with an additional internet package that fulfills all lifestyles … True 5G joins partners to launch a campaign. “UP2U, modern internet without interruption. Up lifestyle does not drag the feeling. New internet add-on package Full of all lifestyles, they can be chosen in your own way. Apply for UP2U internet add-on package for only 200 baht per month, get 10GB super fast internet, and get it for free! privileges or coupons instead of cash up to 200 baht To be satisfied at favorite shops, including Minor Group, McDonald’s and True Coffee. Enjoy all famous movies. Access all content, watch free movies, all subjects, all rounds at the cinemas in the Major Cineplex Group. add fun Play unlimited games Get free points or rare items every month for ZEPETO and PUBG Upgrade your beauty and strength to be first popular with Sephora or upgrade your coverage from FWD Life Insurance, UP2U internet package.

Easy to apply through 3 channels: 1. Apply by yourself via USSD button, select desired package, 2. Apply through True iService, True Money, TrueID and 3. True stores, all branches and dealers participate True from today until 31 May 2023 or click

Mr. Thanaphol Manavutthiwet, Group Chief Executive Officer (Joint) for Trade, True Corporation Plc. he said, “True Group as a digital lifestyle leader technology company always aims to find innovations to create added value and meet customer needs in all dimensions Including the use of data for detailed analysis to understand the needs of various ways from living the daily lives of customers This leads to the development of products and services that meet their needs and create a better experience for digital users. Recently, he has created “UP2U, seamless internet. Lifestyle does not drag up the feed” for the first time with an additional internet package. New styles that fulfill every lifestyle that customers can choose. Thanks to partners who together find benefits for prepaid and postpaid customers. Apply for the UP2U add-on package for 200 baht per month, get 10GB high-speed internet, and receive free benefits or coupons instead of cash up to 200 baht from partners including Minor Group, McDonald’s, Major Cineplex Group, Sephora, ZEPETO PUBG, True Coffee and FWD Life Insurance You can easily apply for UP2U internet package through 3 channels. from today till 31 May 2023.”

Narut Chiensnong, Deputy Chief Marketing Officer, Major Cineplex Group Public Company Limited Mr He said, “Major Cineplex has joined forces with True. Responding to the needs of the teenage group For students, only when you apply for the YOU MOVIES add-on package, paying 200 baht per month, you will receive 10GB of high-speed internet from True and also receive special privileges by Major for using the free M Pass card, which children can use the right to watch movies for free, every story, every round in every cinema in the Major Cineplex network. Either at home watching famous series through True ID or watching movies in large cinemas that have more than 170 branches across the country, Block Buster such as Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Shazam! 3, Fast X, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, The Flash, Indiana Jones 5, Mission: Impossible – Deadly Reckoning Part One, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, The Little Mermaid, Barbie including Thai movies like You and Me and Me, Khun Pan 3, Sangka Sue 2 etc.”

Mr Krisada Boonchaiya, Chief Financial Officer and Accounting Officer, McThai Co., Ltd. he said, “McDonald’s is a brand that focuses on products and services that cover all target groups. And nowadays, it is undeniable that Gen-Z plays an important role and has a growing market share. Therefore, McDonald’s does not stop developing products and services in various forms. Including studying Consumer Insights in order to meet the needs and reach the hearts of this large group of consumers, whether using social media in various platforms as a means of communication, designing content including video clips, images and text that There is interesting content to reach Gen-Z, using technology to develop services, such as the My McDonald’s application (GMA Lite), which is another channel for brands to reach and communicate with new generation consumers. via the smartphone screen By updating news, promotions and various E-coupon privileges, we also have a Selfordering Kiosk (SOK) service to increase the convenience and speed of service in the store, including renovating the space in the store to facilitate Students, students and the First Jobs a group can sit and read books, work, sit and have meetings comfortably. respond to the lifestyle of today’s consumers even more.”

Mr. Saranyu Leelayouthayothin, Product Manager, PUBG MOBILE He said, “It’s a great honor and I’m delighted. to collaborate with True When publishing a package together in the Up2U Up Speed ​​Up Life style campaign PUBG MOBILE has brought many special items. For PUBG MOBILE fans to collect them throughout the year for 12 months, the items will change every month, making the pack varied and interesting. and to match special festivals Including according to the needs of the players for sure

Ms. Siriporn Kampong, Marketing Manager, True Coffee He said, “True Coffee supports True. By pleasing young people who are a lifestyle group who like to drink coffee or go to a cafe by giving a coupon instead of cash worth 200 baht to True customers who apply for the Up2U package can use it to buy products in all kinds of True Coffee shops. Be it drink, bakery, food or other products. The Real Coffee Shop has a branch in the city center as the Siam zone. or branches in different universities where you can apply for a package Then use the service at True Coffee, a convenient branch.”

Jidanan Ms Ton Pisit Managing Director Marketing, Sephora (Thailand) Co., Ltd. He said, “Sephora is a global retail leader spanning online and offline channels. We are delighted to partner with the UP2U campaign to bring you exclusive brands exclusive to Sephora such as Fenty Beauty, Huda Rare Beauty, Tarte Cosmetics, Nudestix and many more. And inspire customers to experience health and beauty products from selected brand partners around the world to choose the best for customers.

Mrs. Nongchanok Sathanon, General Manager of the Coffee Club under the operation of The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited. He said, “Minor Food Group, one of Asia’s largest restaurant operators, We are delighted to join forces with True through this UP2U campaign by offering cash coupons worth 200 baht to be used in restaurants at all 8 Minor Food brands Group, namely The Pizza Company, The Coffee Club, and Sizzler, Bonchon, Burger King, Swensen’s, Dairy Queen and Poulet as part of presenting a delicious experience through leading restaurant brands that everyone knows well. Satisfying the needs of users of all genders and ages, covering all groups.

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