True Gigatex PRO Life, home internet, the most powerful 2Gbps, starting price 599 baht, pulling “Young Kanchai” as a presenter

True Online launches campaign “True Gigatex PRO Life” All the best with the fastest home internet 2Gbps, starting price only 599 baht/month “Young Kanchai KammutPloy” News anchors and professional presenters complement every lifestyle. digital living Give the best promotion for everything in the house.

The best of pro…True online Leader of the number 1 home fiber internet in Thai people, serving promotion. with the latest campaign “True Gigatex PRO Life”, the best in all 5 things

  1. “PRO” HomeTECH, the best pro for all smart homes from True LivingTECH
  2. “PRO” Speed, the best pro for all speed matters.
  3. True Gigatex Flexi “PRO” is the best promotion for every lifestyle.
  4. “PRO” Content content with a smart TV box.
  5. True Gigatex Tech “PRO” service is the best in all matters of service.

with the launch of a new commercial film presenter “Young Kanchai KammutPloy” Professional broadcaster and presenter who is always in the flow Join to fulfill every lifestyle. Living in the digital age Reinforcing the number 1 home fiber internet, more complete, more cost-effective, stronger than all current trends in Thailand Guaranteed by the world stage with 2 major awards “World’s Best Brand of the Year” in the category of Broadband Internet Service Provider for 5 consecutive years from the World Branding Awards, England, including the number one home internet award in Thailand for 2 consecutive years from nPerf, both “Best Broadband in Thailand” and “Best Fiber in Thailand”. The new series of commercials can be viewed on television and online throughout the country. From 17 May onwards

True Gigatex PRO Life

Dr. Teeradej Damrongplasit President (Co) True Corporation Plc. said, “True Group, as a tech company, focuses on bringing innovations in digital technology to continuously drive product and service development. combined with a customer-centric approach This makes it possible to offer products and services that are outstanding and different. Create added value and meet the needs of customers covering all dimensions, from the use of AI technology together with analytic data management, studying different customer needs. in order to offer a service that meets your specific needs And also used to take care of customers in a comprehensive way. especially with True Online customers with network quality maintenance focusing on repairs before failure specialized maintenance And there is also an in-depth analysis. That allows the team of network engineers to increase efficiency. and improve the signal quality before the customer encounters a problem.

In addition, True Group’s comprehensive ecosystem has been allocated as benefits. Increase value for True Online customers such as SIM, mobile phone, TrueMove H, and content from TrueID. Privileges from TrueCard as well as the ‘Smart LivingTECH’ solution that will help improve the quality of life of Thai people to be comfortable and safe to lead a digital life easier. moreover With the commitment of True Group to deliver the best internet experience to customers both in terms of expanding the fiber broadband network to cover the whole country Global technology innovation investment to meet a smarter lifestyle including service innovation In order to enhance the internet experience even further, TrueOnline has been recognized globally with 2 major awards “World’s Best Brand of the Year” in the field of Broadband Internet Service Provider for 5 consecutive years from the World Branding Awards, United Kingdom. Both the No. 1 home internet award in Thailand for 2 consecutive years from nPerf, both “Best Broadband in Thailand” and “Best Fiber in Thailand” and continues to be the leader in the Thai broadband internet market with the highest growth continuously. With these things, TrueOnline is ready to continue to find the best for Thai people. For example, this time called “It is the best of pros” that has never been done before. This is believed to be another new standard in the broadband market in Thailand.”

Mr. Oliver Kittiphong Weeratecha, Chief Brand and Communications Officer, True Corporation Plc. said, “True Group believes that a good connection It is the starting point to connect every lifestyle effectively. ready to fulfill every lifestyle of life Give the best promotion for everything in the house. is therefore the origin of the campaign “True Gigatex PRO Life” Internet is good, fast, smooth, the best in everything and to reinforce the pro to be stronger We have strengthened the army by drawing a professional presenter in Thailand such as “Young Kanchai Kammutploy”, the news anchor and the number 1 presenter who is very talented. acceptable influence on society can reach Thai people of all ages He is also a modern person who is up-to-date with news and events, and even at home, he can keep up with the trends in a timely manner. because there is a more advanced helper with “True Gigatex PRO Life” that allows you to connect keep up with every trend to be able to help many people in the society It is like True Online that helps improve the quality of life of Thai people to the next level. in which Khun Young has shared all lifestyles in the digital age through the new advertising movie of True Online It describes the experience of using the internet that is more than a fiber home internet and how “True Gigatex PRO Life” has created a new dimension of living. It also makes it possible to experience life as a pro in every aspect. which will begin broadcasting on television and online nationwide from May 17 onwards. This is to reiterate the picture of the No. 1 fiber home internet that is more complete, more cost-effective, and stronger than all current trends in Thailand.”

Mr. Thanaphum Pakwisan, Director and Head of Commerce, True Online, True Corporation Plc. said, “This year, TrueOnline continues to maintain the standard of creating the best customer experience once again. By presenting all the best pros with “True Gigatex PRO Life” that will fulfill every lifestyle of living in the home with 5 promotions:

True Gigatex PRO LifeTrue Gigatex PRO Life

1. “PRO” HomeTECH, the best promotion for all smart homes Change your home to be more advanced with IoT Smart Home from True LivingTECH that will help turn your home into a smart home. Meet the leadership of Smart Home for Thai people more comfortable and safe. with a home internet package that comes with CCTV cameras and CCTV Cloud service to see the past picture in clear Along with highlighting 3 core strengths: Live Safe with PRO Secure, safe home technology, Live Smart with PRO Convenience, comfortable home technology, and Live Smile with PRO Health, healthy home technology. by various devices can be set to work together indefinitely according to the lifestyle of the residents Easy to control or command through a single application

2. “PRO” Speed, the best pro for all speed matters. That’s not just about speed and numbers. But we take into account the daily use of Thai people with the best 6-pole modem, Gigatex Router Pro WiFi6 guarantees Gigabit-class speeds with Mesh Router PRO WiFi6, which helps spread the signal throughout the house. Play wireless internet, WiFi is 3 times stronger than before. True Online also has a speed package up to 2Gbps for Thai people to choose from according to their usage. and family members

3. True Gigatex Flexi “PRO”, the best promotion for every lifestyle Service invented to meet the lifestyle of Thai people. With the service to adjust the speed according to the use, there are 3 types of options to choose from, either working mode or studying online. entertainment mode watch movies listen to music and game mode It is a free service to facilitate existing and new customers using a speed package of 1000/500 Mbps or more.

4. “PRO” Content The best promotion for all content. with a smart TV box, TrueID TV, which comes with pro-level entertainment of the future home that can turn ordinary TVs into smart TVs Including the best of entertainment at True, one place for all lifestyles

5. True Gigatex Tech “PRO” service, the best promotion in all matters of service Taking care of all aspects at the pro level, fast, instant solutions in 24 hours, with intelligent AI technology with a work system that can examine and analyze in depth. Enhance the efficiency of network quality care like Proactive Maintenance, which is proactive customer care and experience a pro-level life and special packages starting at only 599 baht today. For existing customers, get free CCTV cameras when applying for CCTV Cloud service for only 99 baht per month, and you can also get discounts on the purchase of smart IoT devices.”

True Gigatex PRO LifeTrue Gigatex PRO Life

Experience life as a pro with True Gigatex PRO Life You can get it from today until December 31, 2022, the price starts at only 599 baht per month. For existing customers, get free CCTV cameras when applying for CCTV Cloud service for only 99 baht per month and also get a discount on the purchase of smart IoT devices.

For more information, please contact any True Shop branches or Or call 02 700 8000 and get ready to meet the important cooperation of True and Noom-Kanchai in better social projects soon.

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