True launches the campaign “True Gigatex PRO Life”, drawing “Num Kanchai” to emphasize the island in every trend with True Fiber.

True escapes the broadband market at speed and price. Emphasis on elevating the lifestyle in a smarter home with stability and security, enhancing the experience of using IoT devices, receiving free CCTV cameras, launching the campaign “True Gigatex PRO Life”, good internet, smooth speed, all the best promotions. Ploy, news anchor and presenter Reinforcing the image of Fiber True Island in every trend, even at home

Mr. Teeradej Damrongplasit President (Co) of True Corporation Public Company Limited said that as True Group positioned itself as a Tech Company, it gave priority to innovation in order to offer products and services to customers, which True was the number one priority. in the broadband market With a market share of 40%, in the first quarter of 2022, True had more than 90,100 broadband subscribers, bringing the total number of customers to 4.7 million, of which 50% are customers using 1 Gbps speeds. from broadband services at 7,318 million baht, while ARPU declined from the previous year, which was in the same direction throughout the industry. while the market overview will add 1 million new customers per year

Therefore, price and speed competition is not important. But True wants to increase the lifestyle of home users to be more smart. Offer products and services of True for customers to use a full range, whether it is a router that transmits more stable data. The use of devices to help distribute the signal from the problem of ups in the house in different rooms to use thoroughly. Providing security with CCTV devices through IoT connectivity and cloud storage. including the use of content through the TrueID box, etc.

Mr. Oliver Kittipong Wiratecha, Head of Brand and Communications Management, True, said that for this reason, True launched the campaign “True Gigatex PRO Life”, net good, fast, smooth, all the best promotions. and to reinforce the pro to be stronger Therefore, the army has been reinforced by drawing the presenter “Young Kanchai Kammutploy”, an announcer and an influential MC. can reach Thai people of all ages Reinforcing the image of the No. 1 fiber home internet that is more complete, more cost-effective, and stronger than all current trends in Thailand

While Mr. Thanaphum Phakwisan, Director and Head of True Online Commerce said that “True Gigatex PRO Life” starts at only 599 baht per month, for current customers, get free CCTV cameras when applying for the CCTV Cloud service for only 99 baht per month. and also receive a discount on the purchase of IoT devices, consisting of 5 promotions: 1. “PRO” HomeTECH, the best promotion for all smart homes. Change your home to be more advanced with IoT Smart Home from True LivingTECH that will help turn your home into a smart home. Meet the leadership of Smart Home for Thai people more comfortable and safe. with a home internet package that comes with CCTV cameras and CCTV Cloud service to see the past picture in clear Along with highlighting 3 core strengths: Live Safe with PRO Secure, safe home technology, Live Smart with PRO Convenience, comfortable home technology, and Live Smile with PRO Health, healthy home technology. by various devices can be set to work together indefinitely according to the lifestyle of the residents Easy to control or command through a single application

2. “PRO” Speed, the best pro for all speed matters. That’s not just about speed and numbers. But we take into account the daily use of Thai people with the best 6-pole modem. Gigatex Router Pro WiFi6 guarantees gigabit speed with Mesh Router PRO WiFi6 to help spread the signal throughout the house. Play wireless internet, WiFi is 3 times stronger than before. True Online also has a speed package up to 2Gbps for Thai people to choose from according to their usage. and family members

3. True Gigatex Flexi “PRO”, the best promotion for every lifestyle Service invented to meet the lifestyle of Thai people. With the service to adjust the speed according to the use, there are 3 types of options to choose from, either working mode or studying online. entertainment mode, watch movies, listen to music and game mode It is a free service to facilitate existing and new customers using a speed package of 1000/500 Mbps or more.

4. “PRO” Content The best promotion for all content. with a smart TV box, TrueID TV, which comes with pro-level entertainment of the future home that can turn ordinary TVs into smart TVs including the best of entertainment at True, the only place for all lifestyles and 5. True Gigatex Tech “PRO” service, the best promotion for all services Taking care of all aspects at the pro level, fast, solving problems quickly in 24 hours, with intelligent AI technology with a work system that can examine and analyze in depth Enhance the efficiency of network quality care like Proactive Maintenance, which is proactive customer care and experience a pro-level life and special packages starting at only 599 baht today. For existing customers, receive a free CCTV camera when applying for the CCTV Cloud service for only 99 baht per month and can also receive a discount on the purchase of smart IoT devices.

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