TRUE promotes the concept of Better Together, True-DTAC as Telecom Tech Com

Mr Manat Manavutthiwet, CEO of True Corporation Public Company Limited (TRUE), the new company following the merger between the former TRUE and Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (DTAC) announced that TRUE and DTAC are joining together on the Equal Partner principle to create a leading telecommunications technology company (Telecom Technology company) to promote the concept of a better life together (Better Together) and to become a leading company in Southeast Asia.

TRUE became the leader in the mobile phone market with 33.8 million TrueMove H and 21.2 million DTAC numbers, totaling 55 million numbers. Broadband market TrueOnline has 5 million and TrueVisions has 3.2 million. In this regard, the market value of the two companies (Market Cap) is 294 billion baht.

TRUE will provide mobile business services under the True and DTAC brands. Customers can immediately use better quality signals from the dtac-True and True-dtac network symbols on the mobile screen. This is the first step to improve the quality of mobile Internet signals by roaming across the network to use 5G and 4G on 2600 MHz and 700 MHz frequencies.

DTAC customers can use 5G on the 2600 MHz spectrum and Gwir customers can use 4G and 5G on the 700 MHz spectrum, which is already in service. With plans to expand the 5G network to cover 98% of the population in 2026, the company continues to expand network investment even after the merger.

In addition, the service will be added Packages to be included, such as broadband, from TRUE, a brand that is digital, innovative to create value for customers.

TRUE will continue to provide services under the Gwir and DTAC brands and will be marketed separately for a period of 3 years in accordance with the Broadcasting Commission’s remedial measures. television business and the National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) and there will be no higher service prices.

“We do not compromise on quality and service. I believe that customer confidence will definitely improve. Next, we will transform into a digital transformation for the convergence of Smart Life Smart Home. We will introduce the technology. That will change the way of live Thai people, thinking it is the New Ocean for us,” said Mr. Manat.

Ms Supa Leewongcharoen, chief executive (joint) in finance, TRUE, said of the merger and establishment of a new TRUE company on March 1, 2023, the new company can greatly reduce costs. it will be good for business

7 main strategies towards the organization’s goals to lead Thailand into the digital future

1. Being the Undisputed Network and Digital Infrastructure Leader – Integrating the infrastructure potential of a new company. both high-speed internet telecommunications networks And digital telecommunications infrastructure such as international standard data centers, cloud systems not only create a great mobile network and broadband Internet experience. But it will focus on improving the ability to extend different digital service innovations for the people of Thailand, including IoT, AI Analytic, Machine Learning, Cyber ​​​​Security which will help support the digital transformation (Digital Transformation ) and raise the quality of life, society and economy and the environment

2. Grow as a leader beyond core services In order to provide better value and experience (Growth Champion Beyond the Core), the new company will continue to expand its business while meeting digital challenges that are changing in continuous It will focus on developing digital innovations, solutions, and a comprehensive digital ecosystem. Ready to join the campaign to create digital equality in all sectors (Digital Inclusion) to create a new seamless experience for customers. Including increasing efficiency for business organizations to grow sustainably as well as supporting the country towards a faster digital economy

3. Create a new standard of customer experience in Thailand (Set the Bar for Customer Experience in Thailand) – with the use of digital technology. to help in the analysis Achieve customer lifestyle to meet their needs more. Introducing special privilege products and services as well as O2O access channels through the synergy of nationwide offline and online affiliates 24 hours a day.

4. Improving Smart Life for Customers – True Corporation will provide Thai people with a smart life experience. elevating lifestyle and lifestyle, both comfortable Health care, safety and energy efficiency. which will not only be limited to urban life but also cover Thai people in all regions across the country through wider and more comprehensive digital communication networks

5. Raising Standards for Enterprise Customers? The new company will accelerate the digital transformation of businesses including SMEs, corporate and industrial customers. Bring various digital technologies such as IoT, Robotics, AI Analytics, and Blockchain, ready to work with business partners domestically and internationally. Develop innovative solutions that cover all dimensions to make a difference and increase business competitive advantages Improve work efficiency, reduce costs in all sectors including industry, agriculture, public health and retail.

6. Building the Best Place to Work – The new company will be at the forefront of technology driven work processes. Attract talented and talented people from around the world.

7. Best in class ESG sustainable business operations: Sustainable Organization to Create Long Term Value – Focus on bringing the potential of digital technology and innovation. Let’s come together to create true value for all lives. lead to sustainable development covering environmental, social and governance dimensions