True Visions is ready to shoot live in one place the 2022/23 NFL Battle of People Who Find the Last 2 Teams Before Reaching the “Super Bowl” Finals

TrueVisions reinforces its leadership in world-class sports content. ready to present the best sports programs for “people people” sports fans when the American Football League NFL enters the deep playoffs It is almost known which team will be the champion this season. For this Monday morning, January 30, this will be the final of the last 2 teams competing in the finals, that is, the “Super Bowl Battle” on True Visions, True Sports Channel 1 (666).
The first game at 3:00 in the morning will be a meeting between the favorite teams. Since the beginning of the season, that is the Philadelphia Eagles, who will face this season’s dark horse star team San Francisco 49ers, a young quarterback who started to shine. and the team’s star winger, AJ Brown, before the start of the season He will try to help lead the team “Organic Morakot” enters the Super Bowl again. After successfully winning the championship in 2018, this season, the Philadelphia Eagles made their debut beautifully by winning 8 games in a row and were able to support the position. until qualifying as the number 1 team in the NFC line The other side successfully achieved, San Francisco 49ers. It is considered a team that has reached this point beyond expectations, led by rookie quarterback Block Purdy, the 262nd or last draft pick this season. seen following the path of the best quarterback of the last 20 years, Tom Brady, who was drafted low. started as a backup and managed to win the championship

In addition to Purdy, the team also has one of the two great wings of the time, George Kittle, who was a great help to Purdy. Midway through the season, general manager John Lynch traded Christian McCaffrey, the best running back of all time. As well as the fear that the Eagles want to go to the Super Bowl again. After successfully winning the championship in 2018, the Forty Niners want to enter the Super Bowl again after losing in 2020
Another pair at 06.30, the AFC championship game will be considered an orbit to meet again. Of last year’s rivals, the Cincinnati Bengals and last year’s Kansas City Chiefs, the Bengals, led by young quarterback Joe Burrow, along with trusted winger Jamar Chase, can win over the Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 2020 and they are always favorites for the championship 3-4 seasons ago Led by the famous quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the wing travis Kelsey.

For the route this season, the Chiefs were also raised as the favorites from the army led by Patrick Mahomes, as before, able to stay on top of the AFC line. Before the end of the season at number 1 in the line comfortably This is different from the Bengals, who opened so badly that they were considered to lose center after losing to the Rams in the last Super Bowl. But they successfully accelerated to the play-offs later in the season.
This matchup is like a clash between two teams that have just been disappointed: the Bengals, who suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Rams in last year’s Super Bowl, and the Chiefs, who lost to the Bengals in the A Championship Finals . FC last season Causing this pair, both teams will have to fight each other fully. for the opportunity to continue winning the championship

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