TrueVisions directs the fun with 3 fun NFL couples during Thanksgiving 2022

TrueVisions reinforces its leadership in world-class sports content. by broadcasting the great program of America’s premier sport with NFL American football games live directly from the United States during Thanksgiving When the competition has a total of 3 games in the morning of November 25, all 3 games will be broadcast live in one place on True Visions channel True Sports HD 1 (666)
The NFL football Thanksgiving game will feature two teams from two big cities playing regularly: the Detroit Lions from Detroit, who will play in the first Thanksgiving game. 83 of the team meets the Buffalo Bills and the Dallas Cowboys, the most valuable sports team in the world at the moment will face the New York Giants, their arch-rivals. nfc east In the game for the 55th Thanksgiving in the history of the team, the other pair will be the New England Patriots, the team that was dominant in the earlier period, against the Minnesota Vikings.
Game 1: Detroit Lions vs. Buffalo Bills
Detroit Lions, the team that played in the first Thanksgiving game. Even as a team at the bottom of the table over the last several seasons And have lost the Thanksgiving game for 5 years in a row, facing the championship favorite this season, the Buffalo Bills.
2016 quarterback Jarred Goff faces quarterback Josh Allen, a potential season MVP, and Lions rookie Amonra St. Brown faces wing Stephon Diggs from Buffalo Bills.
Although the regular season performance of the Detroit Lions is far behind the Buffalo Bills, as a team that has been playing Thanksgiving games since the first time and has lost 5 games in a row, they are not giving up this time this and it is easy to lose , and Bills have to try to win. To win the AFC East group championship and the opportunity to create an advantage in the next playoff
Game 2: Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants
The hottest game in American football. This year’s Thanksgiving Game The game that opened the Dallas Cowboys field at AT & T Stadium must be given to welcome the visit of the New York Giants, the rivals who join the NFC East group.
Now, both teams are still competing for a place in the playoffs. and results against teams in the same group It will also be used to decide the qualifying team if both teams have the same win-loss record. making this game This is the bloodiest game.
The Cowboys are playing for the 55th Thanksgiving game but have had a bad run of four losses in the last five years Fair enough, with the Cowboys being able to win the Giants up to 9 times out of the last 10 meetings, so we must wait and see what kind of results the Cowboys team will get.
Cowboys quarterback Dag Prescott With teammate Ezequiel Elliott competing against Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and the team’s young star running back Zaqun Barkley. You must try to do the best work. because winning this game will greatly affect the chances of participating in the play-offs for both teams

Game 3 Minnesota Vikings at New England Patriots
The Vikings are led by a great quarterback Kirk Cossins, two outstanding wings this year in Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson, and running back Dar. Win Cook is facing a tough New England Patriots defensive team led by Matthew Judon, already to challenge the Vikings’ attacking team.
The Patriots played in their first Thanksgiving game since 2012, when they comfortably crushed the New York Jets, while the Vikings played in their first Thanksgiving game since 2012. 2017 where they beat the Detroit Lions by a score of 30- 23.
The Vikings need to win this game. To catch up with the Philadelphia Eagles, they hope to overtake the right not to compete in the first round of the playoffs this season, while the Patriots want to win. To win a chance to enter the playoff round So, it is considered a boiling game. Full battle
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American Football NFL Thanksgiving Game Live Streaming 2022 Season
November 25, 2022
True Visions True Sport HD Channel 1 (666)
Time 00.30 – 04.00 Detroit Lions meet Buffalo Bills
Time 04.30 – 08.00 Dallas Cowboys meet the New York Giants
Time 8:20 am – 11:30 am Minnesota Vikings meet New England Patriots

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