Home Sports ‘TrueVisions’ ready to shoot live ‘Premier-La Liga-Serie A’ including the Champions League throughout the season

‘TrueVisions’ ready to shoot live ‘Premier-La Liga-Serie A’ including the Champions League throughout the season

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‘TrueVisions’ ready to shoot live ‘Premier-La Liga-Serie A’ including the Champions League throughout the season

Mr. Ongart Praphakamon, Chief Media Officer, True Corporation Plc., and Mr. Attaphol Na Bangchang, Head of Digital Content Management, True Visions Group Co., Ltd., jointly announced TrueVisions. Prepare to live stream international football in the 2021/22 season via video conferencing on August 4.

Mr. Ong said that TrueVisions are ready to reinforce their status as the “King of Sports”, the leading sports broadcaster from all over the world. This year, there will be all kinds of sports content, up to 21 sports channels. Can cheer 24 hours a day, led by the English Premier League, the world’s number 1 league, complete 380 matches, including Spanish La Liga, Serie A, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa. League, UEFA Super Cup, English FA Cup, Community Shield and AFC Champions League, including 7 leagues, 11 cups, more than 1,700 matches, the most complete The best in Thailand While fans of American sports games follow with a full spectrum of basketball, NBA, American football, NFL, and also a full list of world-class sports such as golf, tennis, badminton, snooker, Formula One, Moto GP and UFC boxing fight

Mr Ong continued that there is also 4K resolution for “True Premier League” (only important matches) and at Full HD level. full of emotion Along with a team of professional voice actors that sports fans trust to help create an enjoyable viewing experience. Watch the opening match of the Premier League and Spanish La Liga on August 14.

Mr Ong added that For platinum package members can watch now. Other packages Watch through add-on packages “True Premier Football HD” normal price 399 baht per month, special TrueMove H customers only 299 baht per month, beIN add-on package, normal price 199 baht per month, special 119 baht per month, confident that TrueVisions members will Watching and cheering on your favorite sports as much as watching on the edge of the field Called the best of sports Must be True Visions in one place

While Mr. Atthaphon said that with a long experience in professionalism that has always been in the world-class sports broadcasting business. who pay attention to every detail, from purchasing sports program rights, scheduling, channeling, recruiting dubbing teams that will add more fun to watch It has earned the trust of world-class partners to broadcast major sporting events. Always world class TrueVisions is still the only one in Thailand that has been granted full and comprehensive Premier League football rights. Both live broadcasts, reruns and highlights

Mr. Atthaphon continued that for the “English Premier League” this new season 2021/22, True Visions has prepared many specials to watch. This new season is guaranteed to be fun for sure, shooting live for 380 matches throughout the season. Cheer for each other continuously for 10 matches every week. Opening the field on the night of August 13 (morning of August 14 at 2.00) with a game between the “Destroyer Bees” Brentford, the newly promoted team will open the Brentfield field. Nord Community Stadium receives the visit of the “Cannon” Arsenal and watch many more big matches Vivid with HD clarity Watch on True Premier Football HD 1-5 (Channel 600-604), True Sport HD 2 (Channel 667), True Sport HD 3. (Channel 668)

“True Visions has prepared many specials to enhance the viewing experience for both members. Can be broadcast again (rerun) Exciting every match with the best team of professional sports commentators in Thailand Watch special programs such as Before The Game every Friday at 8:30 p.m., hosted by Pathompop Inbamrung, The Match Show Live, pre-match analysis, The Match Round Up, summarizing every goal, every event that happens, every match, every field. After the match on True Premier Football HD1 (Channel 600) and online platforms Facebook and Youtube TrueVisions, let’s wait and see which team will win the Premier League trophy this season. Win live together at the only True Visions”

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