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PROVIDENCE, RI (AP) – President Donald Trump was doing the community who could take a spirit when he signed Bibles at the Alabama church for tornado survivors, many religious leaders say, though Some were convicted and said it could be handled differently.

Hershael York, said the Southern Baptist Japan's Department of Delegation in Louisville, Kentucky, did not have a problem with signing Bibles through Bible, as a former presidential, because he was asked for and how important it was for the people who were wanting.

"Although we do not have national beliefs, religion is in our nation, so it's not surprising that politicians have to sign their Bebies," he said. "These Bibles are meaningful and these politicians seem to be like that."

But Mr Donnie Anderson, executive minister of the Rhode Island Island Council's executive said that he was convicted of how his signature was signed by Trump on Friday as he became self-employed on Bible and other things, including hats, and He looked for photos. She watched her, as a "political transfer of calculation" by the Republican president to court her scientific voting base.

The President has a long history to sign the Bibles, but they often sign up as an earlier president as a gift to send a spiritual message. President Ronald Reagan Bíblia was secretly invited to the officials of Iran in 1986. President Franklin Roosevelt signed the family Bible of a general solicitor used to take office oath in 1939.

President Donald Trump and Melania Trump's first wife visited Beauregard, Alabama, on Friday, to survey the damage and survivors of comfort after a powerful tornado roared through last Sunday, killing almost two dozen. (March 8)

It would be different, Anderson said, if Trump the Bible signed out of the same for a person who was closely related to a person.

"About me, the Bible is a crucial part of my religion, and I do not think it should be used as a political plot," she said. "I realized that it was being used as something out to help its scientific community support, and it should not be used in that way. People should have more respect for Scripture."

York said he would not personally ask the Bible politician to sign, but he asked to sign the Routes after being a week. He feels disadvantage, he said, but he does not refuse.

"If it's wise for them to sign up to be a Bible, I am happy to do that," he said.

The White House left for Saturday's comments, a day after visiting Trump on Alabama to survey and pay the tornado victims. The tornado carving with an almost a mile wide destruction path, killing 23 people, including four children and a couple of their 80, with 10 victims with one extended family.

At the Providence Baptist Church in Beauregard's community in Alabama, Mr Rusty Sowell said that the president was raising and helping pay attention to a community that has to recover much time.

Before leaving the church, Trump was involved in a photo with a fifth grade volunteer and signed the baby's Bible, Ada Ingram, a local volunteer. The president also signed his sister's bible, Ingram said. In photos from the visit, Trump is shown to sign the Bible's cover.

Trump should have at least a smaller signature at least, Dr. Rev. Kevin Cassiday-Maloney.

"He felt like hubris," Cassiday-Maloney, a priest at Christ Church of Christ United United Christ said in Fargo, North Dakota. "It was almost like the enthusiasm of the sacred book to write on the front to write a lot, literally."

He does not think politicians should sign the Bibles, he said, because it could be seen as church and state chapel and endorsed Christianity over other religions.

It would be out if Trump Bibles gave them and were given them, but it was not, said James Coffin, executive director of the Central America Interconnection Council.

"It's too much doing something that does not want such a look," he said.

Bill Leonard, the founding deed and professor of divinity emeritus in the University of Wake Forest University of Doctrine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, went to Facebook jobs on Saturday morning by former students who were upset by Trump to sign the Bebe because they do not watch it as an appropriate example of spiritual guidance.

However, Leonard said, it is important to remember that Beibí's old tradition is to sign, especially in the Southern church.

Leonard said it would be harder if the signatures were made by a political rally. He does not see how Trump could reject the church.

"It would be worse if he did not say that it would have seemed, and at least one way, could show his concern as well as his visit," he said. "In this site, when the tragedy happened and when it comes to visiting this short visit, we need some friends about these people."


Contributing to this report was Bruce Schreiner Associated writers in Louisville, Kentucky; Dave Kolpack in Fargo, North Dakota; and Michael Schneider in Orlando, Florida.


This story is right to show that the Providence Baptist Church is a Beauregard community in Alabama, not a Smith Station.


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