Trump-Biden government truth battle over ‘real-time detection of Chinese reconnaissance balloon’

US Department of Defense “previously traced”

The issue of a Chinese reconnaissance balloon that was shot down for invading US airspace is spreading into a truth battle between the previous and current US administrations. When former President Donald Trump and others denied the Pentagon’s announcement that Chinese reconnaissance balloons had appeared three times in the past, the Joe Biden administration denied that the Trump administration had been unable to detect the balloons in real time.

“(During the Trump administration, we did not detect such a threat in real time,” said US Northern Command commander Glenn D. There was a time gap in the detection,” he said. Commander Benhurk said at the time that authorities intelligence discovered the existence of the reconnaissance balloon through additional means.

Previously, the Ministry of National Defense announced that the previous day, Chinese reconnaissance balloons invaded the airspace of the United States three times during the time of former President Trump and once during the time of President Biden, and this was caught by the secret network- information only after the balloon has left US soil. In response, former President Trump immediately refuted “false information”, and the debate heated up when former White House National Security Advisor John Bolton and former Defense Secretary Mark Esper denied the Pentagon’s announcement. Then, the Biden administration again denied that it had not previously detected the presence of Chinese reconnaissance balloons in real time.

A high-ranking official in the Biden administration announced on CNN that day that he had confirmed after President Biden took office that a Chinese reconnaissance balloon had invaded US airspace during the days of former President Trump. The official also said there were plans to brief key figures in the former Trump administration about the Chinese reconnaissance balloon. White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan also said that after President Biden took office that day, US airspace surveillance was strengthened of Chinese intelligence activities. As the Republican Party continues its offensive over President Biden’s failure to immediately shoot down the balloon, the theory of responsibility for Chinese reconnaissance balloons is being raised in the previous and current administrations.

Meanwhile, President Biden said shooting down the balloon was “the right thing to do,” and that he did not expect relations between the United States and China to deteriorate. President Biden met with reporters at the White House that day and said, “We made it clear to China what we wanted to do, and they understood our position.”

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